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With the launch of its newest office in Medina, Apex Dermatology is helping people of all ages love their skin again

When Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga founded Apex Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center in 2011, he had a mission to transform lives through healthy skin. Whether helping a patient to become cancer free, improving the acne of a patient, diminishing scarring or smoothing away wrinkles, Apex has been empowering its patients ever since. And to help more...

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Strength training is the fountain of youth at MaxStrength Fitness

Most high achieving executives understand that quality trumps quantity. It’s true for the products they sell. It’s true for customer service. And it’s true for exercise, asserts Jeff Tomaszewski, owner of MaxStrength Fitness, who has adopted the title of Chief Life Transformer. The title reflects his mission at MaxStrength, he...

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Dr. Marta Roth, of Roth Family Medicine, is determined to change the way we view the doctor-patient relationship

It’s doubtful you’ve ever stood sipping a cocktail at a party and heard anyone bragging about their insurance deductible. These days, deductibles are so high, insurance coverage feels practically useless unless you have a catastrophic event, or you’re going to the doctor for an annual screening like a PAP test or wellness...

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After Wally Anders turned 50, he turned to Fitness Together for a new activity to stay strong

Since opening this spring, the trainers at Fitness Together in Bay Village have helped people turn their health around, in whatever way they needed most, whether losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving balance, flexibility or endurance. And each client comes with his or her own special story. Co-owner Cody Plank says few stories are as...

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Here’s how you can empower yourself to live better at the inaugural Live Well Willoughby event

You may as well stash those self-improvement books back on the shelf, because the city of Willoughby is hosting its first-ever Live Well Willoughby event next month—a festive celebration of the county’s vast health and wellness resources. “Our goal is to educate and empower people about taking charge of their health outlook,” says...

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