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The City of Green’s eight 5K races (and fun walks) are attracting participants from around the region

The City of Green is making it easy for walkers and runners from all over the region to participate in eight different races held within the city. It’s the Green Great Eight Race Series, a collaboration between eight races that benefit local nonprofits. Since 2020, the series has raised more than $300,000 for local organization. In addition...

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Dental and vision coverage

Some people think they don’t need dental or vision coverage and end up shocked when costly problems arise. The health of your mouth is connected to virtually every system in the body, which makes having a dental plan in place a smart option. And having a vision plan in place can be the key to having a healthy outlook. HealthMarkets...

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Have Pristine Clean clean and protect your roof—and get instant curb appeal

Look around your neighborhood and you’ll likely see a number of rooftops stained with black streaks. Those unsightly stains are not simply grime. They are made by an invasive algae called Gloeocapsa magma. And not only do these algae feed off your shingles, it’s highly contagious, traveling in the wind from rooftop to...

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Here’s how Cleveland Chain Reaction helps small businesses find capital and secure other important benefits

Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) is now accepting applications for the seventh season of Cleveland Chain Reaction. This small business pitch competition connects entrepreneurs to capital and mentors and places new businesses in Cleveland neighborhoods to create jobs and build prosperity. Since its...

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Hikers, bikers and nature lovers alike are invited to enjoy the recently completed first phase of Lake Metroparks’ new Lakefront Trail

The vast horizon of endless Lake Erie views is one of the many things that make this Great Lake so great. Basking in this awe-inspiring natural wonder has recently become easier and more accessible, thanks to the opening of the first phase of the new Lakefront Trail that skirts its shoreline. The public trail is an important step in a long-term...

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