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Mentor Public Schools: Sparking change

In a chemical reaction, a catalyst is needed to spark action and produce change. The Catalyst Program at Mentor Schools operates on the same premise. It’s an ultra-innovative, high-tech, fluidly arranged model classroom with an observational window that allows elementary teachers to explore new methods of learning. “Each class leaves...

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From pans of pasta to fried chicken and green beans, Mr. G’s makes party planning easy-peasy

From family fun nights to football parties to holiday gatherings, now is the time for friends and family to come together. And wherever people gather in celebration, there is always food—and somebody has to cook it. Well, these days it’s easier than ever to skip the stress of meal prep by relying on the affordable and delicious catering and...

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Treating hair loss

Mimi is known for her signature pink hat. It’s a style choice she’s chosen for years. But for some women, donning a hat is less about embracing fashion and more about hiding hair loss.  “Alopecia tends to strike women at their core,” says Dr. John Kocka, medical director at Revive Regenerative Medical Spa.  After years of successful...

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Brookway Hearing Center is where customers become friends

From its rustic waiting room to the steaming cup of coffee you might enjoy when you arrive for your appointment, a visit to Brookway Hearing Center may feel a lot like walking into a friendly get-together. “The friendliest thing about us…is us,” assures Robert Pavlik Jr., a board certified hearing instrument specialist, audioprosthologist...

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Mentor Public Schools: Accolades for Brentwood Elementary School

Teachers don’t always get the recognition they so richly deserve.  But at Brentmoor Elementary School, the teachers, administrators, parents and students thought enough of their educational culture to go through a lengthy evaluation process with the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) in Columbus to be recognized as a...

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