For John G., success means losing 50 pounds and running the Turkey Trot

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To date, John is down four pants sizes and 50 pounds with his twice-weekly workout sessions at Higher Heights Fitness. And his blood sugar number is back to a healthy one. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

In the personal training industry, nothing succeeds like success.

When John G. of Sagamore Hills saw the weight loss success of several of his neighbors, who train at Higher Heights Fitness in Brecksville, he decided it was time for him to get off the weight loss yo-yo he’d been on his adult life.

“My weight had crept up to 280 and I was feeling uncomfortable,” says John, who started training with Kevin Barnett in April of this year. “My Type 2 diabetes was not being controlled, even with medications.”

This is his first experience with personal training. John says he looks forward to the twice-weekly sessions, which are always changing to address his goals.

To date, he is down four pants sizes and 50 pounds. And his blood sugar number is back to a healthy one.

“I’m sleeping better and enjoying hikes and runs again along the Cuyahoga Valley with my dog, Jacks,” says the upbeat 58-year-old. “My knees don’t ache as much and I’m less moody. It’s been six years since I’ve been able to run in races with my two grown daughters and I’m really looking forward to running in the Turkey Trot with them on Thanksgiving morning.”

The team at Higher Heights includes: Top row, L-R: owner Kyle Hotz, Kevin Barnett and Connor Gray. Bottom row, L-R: Amanda Bishop and Joe Bower.

Higher Heights owner and trainer Kyle Hotz and his tight-knit team are all about the metrics. Every client who starts training here undergoes a scan with the InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer.

It precisely calculates everything from BMI to lean muscle mass and basal metabolic rate, as well as providing recommended calorie counts for the individual to meet his or her goals.

“We measure results with each client after every six to eight weeks, going beyond the number on the scale, to determine their progress,” he says. “These are the drivers to accountability and motivation. If a client hits a plateau, we have the expertise to push them through it.”

The studio offers the InBody complimentary with all training packages. Non-clients can also make an appointment for a scan only for $50.

2-for-1 Pricing
In addition to one-on-one training, small group classes at Higher Heights are a nice way to stay fit. Led by HH trainers, these HIIT format classes are intense, fast-paced and fun. There’s at least one group class each day.

Kyle says that people also take advantage of the two-for-one pricing policy he introduced, from husbands and wives to siblings and friends. Two people sign up to train at the same time and only pay for one person.

Higher Heights Fitness is located at 8251 Chippewa Road in the back of the Heinen’s Plaza in Brecksville. For more information, call 440-630-9497, or visit the website at