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Kevin Is Always Mixing serves up perfectly prepared sweets in a grab-and-go jar

Kevin Keough, owner of Kevin is Always Mixing in Chardon, loves sweets but was having trouble finding things worth the calories. “I could never find the right thing in a bakery or on a menu that did the trick,” says Kevin. “I started baking for myself, tweaking recipes and sharing with friends and family. I started layering my...

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A feast of fresh flavors awaits at Miles Farmers Market

For the past half-century, Miles Farmers Market has played a central role in supplying families with all the staples they need to celebrate the holidays. “We have been in town for more than 50 years, so we feel like we are family and part of everyone’s holidays,” says Justin Golobek, store manager “For Easter we have everything you...

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If you enjoy old-world cheeses imported from Europe, but still want to support local farmers and businesses, here’s how to do it

When it comes to cheese, many people prefer the rich flavors of old-world artisan cheeses imported from Europe. But what if you prefer imported cheeses and want to support local farmers and local businesses? The answer is Bunker Hill Cheese—made by the same family using the same techniques their ancestors used for generations in...

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The multiplicities of Madeira Wine

According to Jim Sperk of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild, Madeira wine sales increased 10 percent last year over the previous year, but the labeling can be confusing. Let’s turn to Jim for some guidance so you can make a more informed choice. “So, I’ve done some research, including tastings, to try and clear things up a bit,” Jim says...

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Winter respite

The chill that befalls Northeast Ohio this time of year isn’t putting a damper on the events schedule at Lake Erie Distillery. Our themed gatherings are shaking things up, from the recent hands-on Valentine’s Couples Cocktail mixology class to a Comedy Tour Night with live national stand-up comics. Our menu is always adapting to the...

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