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Life changes and so do insurance options, schedule a review today

January is typically a month when we take stock in our lives. Some of us commit to making wellness changes or rededicate to relationships. Others review their circumstances and determine whether the place they’re at is working as is, or if there are tweaks that need to be made, whether in their financial, personal or healthcare houses. While...

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Disrupting an industry and getting connected with Proper Access

Disrupting an industry takes planning, fortitude and bravery. Uber did it during the economic crisis of 2008, launching during one of the worst housing crises in our history. Airbnb started around the same time in the founders’ living room, with nothing but an air mattress and a dream. At Proper Access, we’re determined to have the same...

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The top medical team at Refined Aesthetics brings a wealth of experience to the skin rejuvenation table and much more

“Improved so as to be precise or subtle” is the definition of “refined.” That explains why Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, named her cosmetic treatment spa in Hudson Refined Aesthetics. “My practice is not about changing the way you look,” says Jessica. “It’s about helping you feel better in your own skin, appear naturally...

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Juli Hicks encourages you to adjust your inner dialogue and breathe ease into the holidays

How are you breathing as we count down the days until Christmas? Do you feel like all the extra holiday demands are suffocating you? When I start to feel overwhelmed, it would be easy to skip the practices that nourish me. However, I know when I do that, I not only suffer but those around me start feeling the effects, too. For many years I...

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In the past if you didn’t qualify for a subsidy to help offset the cost of your health insurance coverage, you may now

Just like last year, the annual enrollment period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage has been extended until Sunday, January 15, 2023. The reason? The push continues to help more people get insured courtesy of increased subsidies, with the upper income limit for subsidy eligibility eliminated. So, what is a subsidy? A subsidy is...

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