CLE Pools is a one-stop shop, handling the plumbing, electrical and concrete involved in every pool job

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Tyler Hrusch’s CLE Pools offers all the shapes, sizes and financing options homeowners are looking for.

By Patricia Nugent

CLE Pools is the local leader in fiberglass, in-ground pools and is an authorized representative of ultra-durable Latham Pools.

“We installed dozens of pools over the past few pandemic years,” says owner Tyler Hrusch. “The surge in pools’ popularity has led to design innovation. And the demand seems to be growing. A pool is a product that sells itself. Once we install one and the customer’s family, neighbors and friends spend time in it, they want one, too. They offer anyone a sense of luxury, adventure and escape, just past their back door.”

Since Tyler studied civil engineering, and also owns American Earth excavation company, he’s uniquely qualified to do the job of pool installation.

“We sit down with each client to go over sizes, shapes, colors and how the pool or hot tub will fit with their home and yard,” he says. “We also talk about budget and go over financing options that will get them in a pool this summer. We’re always upfront about our pricing and timeline so customers know exactly what to expect. As a turnkey company, we have solutions for every situation.”

CLE Pools feels confident enough in its system to offer an unheard of 20-year warranty. (Pictured is Latham, The Pool Company’s Bermuda Crystite Crystal.)

A Bulletproof Installation System
“We’ve engineered an installation system that goes above and beyond the norm,” says Tyler. “We use premium backfill (#8) lined with a geofabric that goes between the stone and the soil allowing for lifelong proper drainage. We also run separate PVC pipe to each jet for the highest level of operational integrity.”

The company feels confident enough in its system to offer an unheard of 20-year warranty.

Tyler says about 90% of pool installations are done in a day. CLE Pools is a one-stop shop, handling the plumbing, electrical and concrete involved in every pool job.

What’s Trending in Pools?
“More people are asking for saltwater pools nowadays,” he says. “They don’t require chemicals and are pretty much maintenance-free. People also tell us that the saltwater is much gentler on their skin, hair and bathing suits. And since they don’t require chemicals, these types of pools are more affordable and eco-friendly.”

Most customers in Cleveland opt for classic rectangular pools, but many go for freeform, Roman or kidney-shaped pools.

Call CLE Pools before April 15 and chances are good the team can have you swimming in your own dream pool by the Fourth of July.

“We offer smaller sizes, such as the popular 10’ X 16’ Milan, to the massive 116’ X 40’ Genesis with an 8.6’ deep-end,” he says. “The pools come in a nice variety of colors to blend with people’s backyards. We’ve installed different shades of blue, to earth tones, and the new Pearlscape Collection of shimmery, iridescent inks.”

The final effect is customized to the customer’s view of their favorite resort. Just ask one of CLE Pools many happy customers from last summer, Kelly Dudukovich-Plas. “Our dream finally came true. I feel like I’m living in a resort. Everyone at CLE Pools was professional and performed great work. I highly recommend.”

No More Supply Chain Issues
According to Tyler, the supply chain is nearly back to normal, and they are pleased to already be booking installations this spring.

“If people call us before April 15, the chances are likely we can have them swimming in their own dream pool by the Fourth of July,” he says.

CLE Pools is a one-stop shop, handling the plumbing, electrical and concrete involved in every pool job.

What’s Your Pool Personality?
We’re all looking for something specific from our water wonderland. Do any of these sound like you?

• Kids’ Zoners – Your own kids, their friends, the neighbors…it seems like your home is always overflowing with kiddos. Why not get them out of the house and into your yard with a pool? Diving boards and slides will provide endless hours of amusement. Zero entry and splash zones are musts.
Social Climbers – Adults who simply want to sit in the water on a steamy summer day gabbing with friends will enjoy the in-water seating, also known as “the beverage bench,” within a pool. Don’t forget your red Solo cup.
Savvy Soakers – Maybe you’re an empty nester or retiree looking for a quieter spa experience. In-ground hot tubs offer a relaxing respite and are great for easing sore muscles and joints while soothing away stress of the day.
Water Warriors – You enjoy pushing yourself to swim lap after lap. A longer rectangular pool is your spirit animal. CLE Pools offers pools as long as 42 feet.
Style Mavens – If your design style is hard to contain, you live life large with a “don’t fence me in” ethos, a freeform or kidney-shaped pool is for you. The wavy, curvaceous design will add style and elegance to any backyard oasis.

Headquartered in North Ridgeville, CLE Pools has installed pools within one hour’s drive of Cleveland. The company offers financing through KeyBank, which has a dedicated division to help finance pools with affordable monthly payments. Call 440-999-POOL (7665) or visit to get a free quote and view a gallery of gorgeous pools.

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