At Shimmer Spa in Strongsville, a team of top professionals is at the ready to bring out your beautiful best

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The H2Glow Hydro-peel is one of the most popular treatments offered at Melanie Rongone’s Shimmer Spa. Gentler than microdermabrasion, it uses water instead of crystals to resurface skin. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Led by organic skin care expert Melanie Rongone, the delightful team at Shimmer Spa customizes services and treatments for skin, hair, nails and brows, to bring out your best. You can leave your cares at the door of this soothing oasis of spa luxury.

Resurface, Brighten, Glow
Especially this time of year, Melanie says she is focused on helping her clients rejuvenate, resurface and brighten skin that may be experiencing dryness, flaking, sunspots and dull texture. The best way to do that is through treatments such as dermaplaning, peels and facials.

“Customizing the peel to each guest is a specialty of mine,” Says Melanie, “we can focus on strengthening new and upcoming basal skin cells with stem cells, or use stronger percentages to help with sun spots and skin texture. Every peel works on old skin cells as well as new skin cells.”

One of her favorite ingredients to use in facials right now is pumpkin, which nourishes the skin with alpha-hydroxy acids, enzymes and Vitamins A and C. This super-nutrient boosts collagen and elastin production to firm skin.

“Pumpkin is also supremely yummy-smelling and relaxing,” she adds. “Our clients look forward to a calming escape as much as the results we can produce. They say it feels like melting into the massage table.”

The H2Glow Hydro-peel is one of the most popular treatments. Gentler than microdermabrasion, it uses water instead of crystals to resurface skin.

“Since serum can reach more deeply into the skin, the results are more pronounced,” she says. “It produces plumper, fresher-looking skin. H2Glow is also the perfect complement to dermaplaning, which involves a professional- grade implement to remove not only hair, but also the cells that can build up on the skin’s surface.

The Glow Membership offers products and services at a special monthly rate to make results even more spectacular. The H2Glow with dermaplaning is Melanie’s specialty: the result of years of experience to create the most effective facial possible.

Shimmer specialists will let guests know when we are accepting walk-ins or consultations in our areas of expertise. If you see an open sign-on for hair, skincare, or nails, walk on in! “We’re booked” means we currently are not accepting walk-ins.

Get to Know Melanie
“With the advancements in product formulations and equipment, it’s an amazing time to be an esthetician,” says Melanie. “I achieved my cosmetology license at the same time that I was going to Tri-C, after which I transferred to Kent State University for English and Psychology, skills which help me to run my own business. Cubicle work wasn’t for me, so I found my niche in the spa side of the Cosmetology license and never looked back.”

Her philosophy includes prevention as well as treatment.

“Between treatments and Image Skincare medical-grade products for an at-home regimen, we can prevent as well as treat issues such as sun damage, skin cancer, acne and rosacea.”

Rounding out the Shimmer Spa team of independent beauty professionals are Amanda, who specializes in microblading, facials, waxing and hair services; Andrea, whose talents include haircuts, color and restoration; Gabrielle, who does skin care and nails; Angel, who specializes in therapeutic massage; and Emery, who does nails.

“I feel as if we are the new generation of salon professionals,” says Melanie. “Our mentors are retiring, and we bring a fresh leadership to the profession. For the past three years, I’ve been on the advisory board for Polaris and enjoyed lending my expertise to shape the curriculum and environment for the next generation. We elevate each other.”

Shimmer Spa is located at 20884 Royalton Road in Strongsville. To make an appointment with any of these professionals, just book online, call or text: Melanie Rongone, 216-395-7291; Amanda Sroka, 440-665-9476; Emery, 440-991-6557; Andrea Baon, 440-454-0949; Angel, 216-815-6355 and Gabrielle, 440-782-1307. If your call is not answered, please be patient, as the ladies are often with clients. Find out more and buy instant gift certificates (perfect for last-minute shoppers) at