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Whether reconfiguring the kitchen or adding more space for cooking and entertaining outdoors, Kaye Construction elevates the dining experience

Whether cooking inside or grilling outdoors, Kaye Construction is helping families elevate their dining experience. At Kaye Construction, the goal is not only to beautify homes, but also to make them more functional by changing the footprint and flow. “Function always comes first in all our home remodels, then we add the esthetics,”...

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Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics offers low-cost imaging, MRI and CT scans

CT and MRI scans are diagnostic tools doctors use in the determination of disease, the extent of an injury or the cause of pain a patient is experiencing. Often, though, just getting a scan scheduled, performed and paid for is an inconvenient, uncomfortable and expensive process. Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Mentor offers...

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Life coach Juli Hicks has created a program, Flourishing After 50, to help women become their best selves

Women in their 50s and beyond who have raised their kids and find themselves feeling confused and unfilled may be asking themselves, “Is this all there is?” When life coach Juli Hicks turned 50, this is the question she asked herself. Fortunately, as an expert in positive and transformational change, personal growth and holistic health,...

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University Hospitals’ Dr. Brittany Behm takes personalized care to the next level

When looking for a primary care doctor, patients want someone who is approachable, compassionate and knowledgeable. That’s exactly what you will find with Dr. Brittany Behm, a physician at University Hospitals Bainbridge Primary Care in Chagrin Falls. Practicing family medicine with an emphasis in preventative care, Dr. Behm also specializes...

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Visit Constant Companions at the Splash Pad concession stand at Central Park in Green this Summer

The City of Green has partnered with Hattie Larlham, the non-profit disability service organization that provides care and support to children and adults throughout Ohio, and is happy to be supporting their Constant Companions program again this summer. “We started this partnership back in 2019 but had to stop due to Covid-19,” says...

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