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How life insurance can help now

Most people understand life insurance to be a financial tool that helps their loved ones when they pass away, providing needed funds for bills, college and more. What they may not realize is that life insurance can also be a vital resource to help support the policy holder while he or she is still alive. By choosing a policy with a living...

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Here’s why a visit to Bath Depot’s newly expanded Westlake showroom is a better way to plan your own affordable bathroom renovation

In true “go big or go home” fashion, the customer-centric folks at Bath Depot and Window Depot in Westlake have recently doubled their showroom space to include 14 stunning, life-sized bathroom and shower vignettes. “We’re always looking to take the shopping experience to the next level,” says owner Tony Hoty. “Maybe you already...

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With plenty of friendships, activities, and delicious, nutritious meals, senior residents at this fun and affordable facility are living their best lives

What makes a home a home? Sure, the furnishings and décor matter; so do the cleanliness and coziness. But what really makes a home a home sweet home is the people. When I asked Danielle Ridgeway, Director of Sales and Marketing for Brooklyn Pointe Assisted Living & Memory Care; what separates this community from others, she responded...

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Build strength and bone density

As a post-menopausal woman with a family history of osteoporosis, when Laurel Babcock turned 60, she began looking for a plan to amend the writing on her wall. “My primary care physician, Dr. Joan McDonough, suggested strength training as a viable means of proactively preventing bone density loss,” recalls Laurel. “She told me about the...

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WellFit Rehabilitation & Aquatics has introduced its new WellFit Weight Loss program, which is helping patients achieve dramatic weight loss with help from semaglutide

Fueled by a 30-year career in the medical field, when physical therapist Jonathan Schauss, MBA, PT, CSCS, researched the weight-loss results people were seeing with the FDA-approved medication semaglutide last year, he knew he wanted to add it to his rehab and PT clinic in Westlake. “A patient we treat here was morbidly obese and lost more...

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