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With MaxStrength’s proven formula for helping people get into the best shape of their lives, getting older doesn’t have to set you back

Thanks to advancements in medicine, people can expect to live longer, but will they live better? Locally owned MaxStrength Fitness studios were founded by Jeff Tomaszewski with a research-based strength training protocol aimed at increasing and preserving muscle mass, as well as bone density, flexibility, balance and nutrition. “Studies...

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Retire with enough, leave enough

Having enough money to enjoy your lifestyle is an important part of retirement planning. But many people also want to leave an inheritance to their children or other beneficiaries, notes Brody Fiesler, who, with his dad, Bill, owns Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts LLC. Below, Bill and Brody explain more. Q: What’s an annuity?A: An...

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Nutritional counseling is here

Our mission is to maximize each client’s health and performance levels by gathering actionable data and using it to customize a program to his or her specific needs and goals. To augment our one-on-one functional training program, I invested in the InBody 270 analyzer. And earlier this year, we welcomed physical therapist Aidan Simenc to...

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Wills and trusts: What’s the diff?

Attorney Margaret T. Karl has provided estate planning and elder law services for over 15 years in the Cleveland area. She considers educating people through informative seminars within the community to be an essential part of her job. At the end of most seminars, she opens the discussion for questions from the audience. One of the most common...

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Back and neck pain relief

According to WebMD, nearly eight of 10 Americans will suffer from low-back pain at some point in their lives. Understandably, it’s one of the most common reason people seek relief through acupuncture. Addressing chronic pain, particularly back and neck pain, is a specialty of mine. Today’s sedentary lifestyles can cause pain just as much...

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