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For 20 years, North Royalton’s Vital Choice Health Store has been leading the way in keeping our community healthy

David and Mike Ventresca grew up in Strongsville, the sons of a health-conscientious oral surgeon who helped teach other physicians about natural health. So, it’s no surprise the two brothers both developed a passion for health and education, which they put into practice 20 years ago with their opening of Vital Choice Health Store. The...

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Here’s what you need to know to keep your family healthy, from Vital Choice’s Mike Ventresca

In many ways, being healthy is like building a house. While it may be more exciting to focus on the latest trends in kitchen or theater room design, the most important component is building a solid foundation. In health, while taking advantage of new discoveries or innovations can be very beneficial, we can’t underestimate the...

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Here’s how the team at Pristine Clean can get your concrete ready for the ravages of winter

For the same reason a squirrel gathers nuts as summer fades to fall, it’s a shrewd idea to get your concrete cleaned, sealed and protected now. As soon as the temps dip, it’ll be too late. “September and October are big months for concrete,” says Ken Wilson, who, along with Anthony Alberino, owns Pristine Clean. “The daily...

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Valor Gutter Guards from The Gutter Boys keep your gutters clog free

Merriam-Webster defines the word “proactive” as “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.” The been-there, done-that crew over at The Gutter Boys says this word also applies perfectly to gutter cleaning and gutter guarding. “The rain will always fall, and waiting until we get three inches of rain and you notice...

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Bio-identical hormone prescriptions that restore optimal function and balance

Hormone imbalance can start when hormone levels become too high or too low in adolescence, after a baby, or with menopause. If you have tried a treatment or medication for hormonal problems, are frustrated by incomplete results or side effects, or if you want a more natural approach, then bio-identical hormone therapy may be right for...

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