Take a swing at the Bunker Hill Golf Course hundred-dollar unlimited golf special

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Bunker Hill’s new concrete cart paths are a part of achieving a private club experience at a public course.

By Ken McEntee

An exhilarating round of golf may be just the antidote for a nagging case of post-Super Bowl cabin fever. And unlimited golf for 61 days for just $100 makes for sweet medicine.

“Our unlimited March and April membership gives golfers the opportunity to get back in the swing after a long winter and reacquaint themselves with our newly improved course,” says Chad Gibson, general manager of Bunker Hill Golf Course, in Medina.

The two-month membership includes unlimited greens fees, any day, with no restrictions. Use of carts is not included, but optional. The package costs $200—but is available at MimiDeals.com for half that price—or about $1.64 per day.

“We know people are itching to get back out, so we make it easy—just like we make our famous fundraisers,” Chad observes. “We made a half-million dollars in improvements to our course last year and we’re in the process of another $325,000 for this year. We want golfers to come out and see all the exciting things we’re doing. When they do, we know they’ll choose to make Bunker Hill their home course for 2021.”

The first improvement you might notice is the smooth ride between holes.

“We asked our members what we could improve, and the number one suggestion was the cart paths,” Chad shares. “Back in 2000, some concrete paths were installed and they are still in excellent condition. Unfortunately, others were done with blacktop, which began to deteriorate over the years and were getting bumpy and muddy. Our new concrete cart paths are a part of achieving a private club experience at a public course.”

Golfers also may notice the new greens and tee boxes at some holes.

“The second most common suggestion was to improve the 18th green,” Chad says. “We’re improving the grade and making it a two-tiered green while making some improvements to the area surrounding the green. It’s going to be a really nice, memorable finishing hole.”

Drainage, he said, also has been improved throughout the course.

“Springtime, before our busy season starts, is an ideal time to get to know the course—and to let our staff get to know you,” Chad invites. “Our goal always is to have a first-name relationship with all of our golfers.”

Chad Gibson, general manager of Bunker Hill, helps people raise funds for local charities and families in need.

The unlimited March and April membership also will provide golfers with the chance to familiarize themselves with Bunker Hill’s valuable Rewards Card.

“Our Rewards Card lets you earn points to redeem for additional green fees, carts, or pro shop merchandise,” Chad explains. “Every time you purchase green fees, cart fees and pro shop merchandise, you’ll earn rewards equivalent to 10 percent of your purchase, as well as six percent on the purchase of food and beverages. So if you buy 10 rounds of golf, you can earn a free round. The Rewards Card doesn’t cost anything, and I encourage everybody who plays Bunker Hill to get one so they can start earning rewards on the very first visit.”

Although the March-April memberships are the most popular option, you can opt for the “Cadillac” of memberships with an Eagle or Birdie membership, extending your golf season to the end of the year.

The Eagle, a seven-day unlimited golf membership which includes a cart, is available for $2,400. For $600 less ($1,800), you can purchased the Birdie membership and play unlimited golf Monday through Friday, and weekends and holidays after 2:30 p.m., with a cart. Incredibly, Chad emphasizes, you can get $500 off either of those memberships at MimiDeals.com. Both memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.

Throughout the season, Bunker Hill will offer Early Bird specials—like 18 holes and a cart between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, for $25, and only $5 more between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.

“It’s a beautiful way to start the day—and to beat the heat,” Chad suggests.

After a game, you can enjoy a meal at Bunker’s Grill. And, like a private club, they also offer special event dining like Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch and Father’s Day Brunch.

Bunker Hill hosts a variety of mens, womens, couples and seniors leagues throughout the summer.

And, Chad notes, Bunker Hill specializes in easy and successful fundraisers and special events.

“I have 30 years of experience organizing more than 2,500 events that have raised more than $3 million,” he says. “We make it simple by handling everything, including assistance with flyers, a Facebook event page and building a website to handle registration for your guests. We take care of the catering, the set up and the clean-up, so the host can spend his or her time with guests.

Bunker Hill also is booking a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for business meetings and personal parties and other events.

You can book a tee time or learn more about memberships, leagues, tournaments, fundraisers and events by visiting BunkerHillGolf.com, or by calling 330-722-4174. You also can keep up with the latest news on Facebook @BunkerHillGolf. Bunker Hill is located at 3060 Pearl Road, at Hamilton Road, in Medina.