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The Dog Wizard brings top-quality dog training to you

Last year was a banner year for families inviting puppies into their lives. The shelters were emptied, and breeders couldn’t keep up with demand. But now that people are heading back into the workplace, and kids are perched to return to the classroom next month, those precious canines are going through stress and separation anxiety...

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By doing it all, design, manufacture and installation, Custom Stone House gives homeowners virtually endless possibilities

Homeowners have been remodeling their residences in record numbers this past year. But more than just replacing old kitchen cabinets with new cabinetry or pulling out old carpet and installing new flooring, a growing number of people are also sprucing up the exterior of their homes by removing old siding and installing stone. “Rather than...

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Paradise found: Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping can transform your outdoor space

Travel restrictions may have been lifted to most destinations, but as those of us who have already taken a road trip or two this summer have realized, travel isn’t what it used to be. Staying at hotels can be dicey at best and the same can be said for many of the restaurant and resort amenities you might be accustomed to. Many businesses are...

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If you have a clogged gutter, call The Gutter Boys, who are trained in ladder safety and use them every day

Last week, looking out of our upstairs bedroom window, I noticed a large hole at the top of one of the columns on the front of our brick Georgian home. (Yeah, “brick Georgian” sounds like we live in a mansion, but it’s just a small, 1958 colonial with the original pink tile in the upstairs bath. We call it “Mimi-pink.”) “Probably a...

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Add 5-15 years to the life of your roof with an environmentally safe Roof Renew application from Pristine Clean

Besides the four walls, one thing all homes have in common is a roof, and over the millennia we’ve tried just about every roofing material to help keep our heads dry—from thatch and animal dung to tin, copper, zinc and slate. Slate, by the way, is a good choice because it’s a rock, pretty much the same technology you see in an...

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