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Are you struggling to connect?

Do you struggle to understand and often ask people to repeat themselves? It’s possible you’ve adjusted to your poor hearing. A doctor of audiology is trained to be a partner in your overall health to ensure you the best quality of hearing and of life. At Sounds of Life Hearing, audiologists Dr. Sarah Curtis and Dr. Cara Donovan explore...

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Easy install USB outlets

Homes keep getting smarter. As our customers have come to rely on their smart phones and tablets more and more, we’ve been installing USB-enabled outlets to keep up with them. This is a regular electrical outlet that also has two USB ports. Perfect for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or any place you like to charge your devices, this...

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Laketran passengers are relaxed, informed, and saving tons of money on gas and parking

With sky-high gas prices putting the pinch on anyone who drives, Laketran’s Park-n-Ride commuter service between Lake County and downtown Cleveland is seeing more people looking to try transit. “A Lake County commuter who travels 60 miles round trip to Cleveland in a mid-size SUV and pays $7 a day to park can spend up to $5,136 a year, or...

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Lake Metroparks offers pup-friendly, outdoor fun for you and your best furry friend to discover

After doing a little Google research, Mimi discovered that the “dog days of summer” are a real thing. Who knew? According to the Farmers’ Almanac, they occur between July 3 and August 11 each year, signifying the “most oppressive period of summer” in terms of heat. But the name doesn’t have anything to do with the heat. During...

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Blazing new trails: The latest, greatest, most durable flooring on the market today

Our country is founded on a pioneer spirit—the drive to look onward to new discovery and adventure. That glimpse toward what laid over the horizon led our forefathers to the western frontier. In fact, there were so many of them, the mass migration became known as heading to the wild, wild west. Well, the fearless folks at Guhde Flooring...

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