Here’s what one client had to say about his Disney vacation

By Jackie Klemenc, Disney Specialty Travel Agent

This month I thought I’d share a sweet story of working with a client who heard about me in Mimi magazine. Meet Rick Pennza and his family.

For Christmas, he and his wife, Terri, gave their three adult children and nine grandchildren an all-expenses-paid family vacation of their choosing. Two of them selected Disney World, but at different times due to scheduling conflicts.

Since this year is Disney’s 50th anniversary, I thought it was interesting that the Pennza family had not been there since its 25th anniversary. Here’s what he had to say:

“Family and friends strongly suggested we look into finding a specialist. This is where Jackie Klemenc came into play. Here was a person who specialized solely in Disney vacations. Our first impression on the phone was that this person was bright, bubbly (just as you would expect a Disney character to be) and excited to offer her services. We quickly made arrangements to meet in person so she could grasp our upcoming two-family vacation project.”

“It was comforting to know that Jackie has visited Disney World on countless occasions, stayed in the hotels and experienced each park,” he adds. “After meeting with us and exchanging numerous emails, texts and phone calls, Jackie had a plan for each trip complete with resort hotel selections, park tickets, dining reservations, transportation, total package pricing, Genie + guidelines and training for all the technology (magic bands, the Disney Experience website and cell phone app, etc.) needed to navigate our day-to-day activities.

“We just got back from our first Disney family vacation a few weeks ago and it was awesome! What a marvelous vacation it was, and we owe so much to Jackie for making it happen. One more Disney vacation to go this spring. Keep your fingers crossed. One thing we do know, Jackie will be supporting us all the way through.”

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