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Getting unwanted calls about Medicare? There’s an easy way to make it stop

Are the annoying and unwanted Medicare calls and texts from solicitors making you feel insane? It seems as if they are completely out of hand lately, making it such a pain to answer your phone. Guess what? There are a few simple things you can do to make it stop. The FCC is committed to protecting you from these “bad actors” through a...

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Retire with enough, leave enough

Having enough money to enjoy your lifestyle is an important part of retirement planning. But many people also want to leave an inheritance to their children or other beneficiaries, notes Brody Fiesler, who, with his dad, Bill, owns Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts LLC. Below, Bill and Brody explain more. Q: What’s an annuity?A: An...

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Wills and trusts: What’s the diff?

Attorney Margaret T. Karl has provided estate planning and elder law services for over 15 years in the Cleveland area. She considers educating people through informative seminars within the community to be an essential part of her job. At the end of most seminars, she opens the discussion for questions from the audience. One of the most common...

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Meet the Chodaczek Team that takes the stress out of home buying and selling

Everyone loves watching a great team in action. And when you’re part of one, you feel it. There’s something about how everyone works together toward a common goal, relying on the strengths of each member for the benefit of the team and everyone around them. The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate uses that team approach because it knows that...

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Deck Season is Here and Chagrin Home Improvements can bring it back to life

There’s nothing like sunshine on a 75-degree day, with the birds chirping, to get us Northeast Ohioans outside, ready to fire up the grill and drag out the deck furniture. Cue the “wah, wah” sound effect. Did you remember to schedule that deck cleaning and staining? Springtime can sneak up on us around here. We can’t wait to get out on...

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