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Pristine Clean’s Roof Renew service adds five to 15 years to the life of your roof—for just 10% of the cost of replacement

Replacing a roof is loud, disruptive and incredibly expensive. It’s no wonder we want to delay the project for as long as possible. Well, now there is a way to delay even longer—up to 15 years longer. It’s called Roof Renew, offered by the locally owned Pristine Clean. Here’s how it works: Over time, roof shingles lose their...

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Renew Home Exterior’s new Ascend Composite Cladding gives you the look of real wood at half the cost of HardieTM* board

Finally, the technological advancements we have seen in so many other industries have made it into exterior siding. Renew Home Exteriors’ new Ascend Composite Cladding System has the look of high-end real wood, comes in 20 different colors so you never need to paint it, and it won’t bend, bow, expand or contract like vinyl...

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When should you hydrate?

As the temps start to climb this month, it’s a smart idea to pay attention to your water intake. The body itself is about 60 percent water, so if you’re not getting enough, that affects your health. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated could mean muscle soreness and cramping, fatigue and a host of other issues, such as back pain and...

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Is your workout balanced?

When starting an exercise routine, one thing you should be mindful of is that it is balanced. When I say balanced, I’m not necessarily talking about including balance exercises, although that is very important to do. What I mean is be sure to include all movements and all muscle groups and be sure not to do more of one movement and less of...

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Bright smiles and expert care at Luminous Dental in Hudson

Not many people look forward to a trip to the dentist. Dr. Leah Divito and her staff at Luminous Dental in Hudson are out to change that. The practice offers a high-tech brand of dentistry, with a peaceful, soothing vibe and friendly care. “While we offer a serious level of technological advancements, we also love laughing with patients...

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