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Hope for peripheral neuropathy

Those who have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy have been waiting a long time for some good news. After years of being told your nerves are “dead” and there is no hope, that hope is...

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Tips for beating the winter blues

It is well established that chronic pain is made worse by depression, and the “winter blues” is one the most common forms of depression. Although we cannot do in winter many of the fun, outdoor...

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Does your doctor have time to listen?

In traditional medicine, today’s physicians often run from exam room to exam room with little time to address the complete spectrum of a patient’s needs. The goal of this model—driven...

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New hope for neuropathy

Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy? Have you been told your nerves are “dead?” If so, I have good news: Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants is now offering a...

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Finding the true cause of your pain

When dealing with musculoskeletal pain, doctors may order an MRI, which often does not reveal the problem. An ultrasound, however, is an ideal tool for looking at areas of chronic pain. It can...

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