With winter golf not exactly a thing in Northeast Ohio, Bunker Hill Golf Course and Event Center’s golf simulators can keep you in top playing form until the thaw

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Bunker Hill’s six high-tech, full-swing, indoor simulators are the next best thing to actually playing outdoors at iconic courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach and Pelican Hill.

By Ken McEntee

Bunker Hill Golf Course and Event Center is the ideal venue to extend your golfing fun into the winter season—without leaving Northeast Ohio.

That’s because Bunker Hill’s six high-tech, full-swing, indoor simulators are the next best thing to actually playing outdoors at iconic courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach and Pelican Hill, insists Chad Gibson, Bunker Hill’s general manager and event coordinator.

“Bunker Hill is not only one of Northeastern Ohio’s premier golf courses, but we also offer the area’s top simulator technology, featuring more than 70 championship courses to choose from,” Chad emphasizes. “Our simulators are available for competitive play, practice and just having a blast during holiday parties, business events or any other gathering.”

You needn’t be a golfer to enjoy Bunker Hill’s simulators. That's because along with world class courses, the simulators also feature an ample assortment of fun arcade-type golf games for people of all ages. Between visits to the punch bowl, for example, you can challenge tipsy Aunt Ethel to see who can break the most windows out of New York's skyscrapers. Or who can drill the guy in the golf cart.

“Our Simulator Room is an exciting addition to any event,” Chad says. “The simulators even have games for kids.”

Chad Gibson, general manager of Bunker Hill Golf Course

But for the serious golfer, the simulated courses are "as real as it gets," Chad promises. Each course has the same features—right down to the slopes and angles—as the actual venue. Special cameras and infrared technology track your ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, trajectory, spin rate, club face angle and swing path to duplicate your exact swing.

That’s why the Greg Jones Golf Academy uses the simulators to provide valuable coaching and feedback to its clients.

“The academy offers individual and group lessons, along with winter leagues, to keep your golf game sharp,” Chad invites.

Bunker Hill offers leagues for seniors, men, women and juniors.

“Some leagues are individual—keeping track of handicaps and points with weekly obligations—while others are a scramble format where you can pick which weeks you would like to play and notify the main contact more than 30 minutes before tee time to register and get on a team,” he explains.

League times, Monday through Friday, vary from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for 18 holes and 6 p.m. for nine holes. Junior leagues play on Saturday mornings.

Bunker Hill can host any size event, and Chad and his team will do all of the work.

Chad says the recently renovated Bunker Hill Event Center is one of Medina’s top rated places to hold events and fundraisers.

“Our events include a website to handle guest registration and pre-payment for class reunion, neighborhood Christmas parties or indoor golf outing fundraisers,” he says. “The host gets email notifications when guests sign up and also gets all contact information to send thank-you emails or pictures to guests after the event.”

Bunker Hill offers a variety of party venues—and all of them will be festively decorated for the holiday season, Chad promises.

“One of the best things about a Bunker Hill party or fundraiser is that we take care of all of the preparation, cooking and clean-up so that you can spend quality time with your guests,” Chad says. “We can serve anything from simple appetizers to full course meals, and we still have prime dates available.”

You can book your personal or business event at Bunker Hill Golf Course by calling Chad, at 216-469-9241. You can learn more about winter leagues and golf instruction at BunkerHillGolf.com. Bunker Hill is located at 3060 Pearl Road, in Medina.