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Retirement planning mistakes

While many Americans have spent years planning for retirement, a great many of them have made a basic discovery once they reach that plateau: There are some issues that simple math and time will not necessarily resolve. If you are at or near retirement, here are several common mistakes that you can plan now to avoid: • Underestimating your...

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How do you feel?

Many people hire financial advisors thinking they will provide them with better investment returns, lower taxes and more income. Many financial advisors see themselves as star investment managers, tax-reduction experts or crystal ball future seers. These advisors are like surgeons who take pride in their surgical skills but would prefer to keep...

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Live life on your terms

I was recently in Colorado visiting clients and was invited to ski with them for several days. While enjoying the mountains, I met several of my clients’ friends who also loved to ski. The common thread that emerged was that all of these folks had enjoyed skiing early in life, and they had committed to a goal of skiing as often as...

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Start taking care of your family by focusing on the fundamentals

Well it looks like uncertainty and worry have returned to the investment markets and people are wondering what to do. Most investors are trying to figure out whether this is the top or if the market has more room to run. They want to know whether they should be buying or selling? But they are distracted and focusing on the wrong...

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Measure the riskiness of your portfolio

It’s a new year and your investment accounts are looking pretty good. The stock market is at an all-time high and the part of your portfolio that is invested in stocks is doing great. But that other part of the portfolio that isn’t in stocks isn’t gaining like the stock part is. Maybe you are thinking of moving some of the non-stock...

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