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Meet the Artist: Jill Hungerford

Local artist Jill Hungerford is a master at boldly combining color and drama, expertly blending design and imagination with technical ability to bring her subject matter vividly to life. Jill’s paintings run the gamut from exploring a subject or environment, such as the ocean as seen by the fish (colors, bubbles, plant life and more), to...

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Meet the Artist: Kimberly Chapman

Local sculptor Kimberly Chapman is an expert at finding the beauty in dark, painful topics, bringing the subject matter to light in a uniquely striking way. Her work tells a painfully vivid tale about the historical mistreatment of humanity and what is left behind after terrible things happen. “I don’t choose to make the sculptures. There...

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Meet the Artist: Arabella Proffer

Cleveland-based painter Arabella Proffer isn’t one to let adversity slow her down or dampen her spirits. In the summer of 2020, a decade after she was first diagnosed, she found out that her cancer had returned and was deemed inoperable. She was given a prognosis of months, not years. If you take a look at her blog,, you will...

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The Akron Arts Expo returns for the 2021 summer season, July 24-25

Northeast Ohioans are looking forward to a fun and vibrant summer ahead with the return of outdoor events that the warmer weather brings. The Akron Arts Expo, a beloved local event celebrating its 42nd year is certain to draw art enthusiasts and local shoppers alike. The City of Akron Recreation and Parks will host the annual Akron Arts Expo...

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Meet the Artist: Ryan Drost

Local comic book author Ryan Drost combined his two greatest loves to bring to life Stealth Hammer, a superhero inspired by his wife, Jami, and his deep love for the comic book genre. “Jami is a graphic designer and throughout her career she gained the nicknames, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Hammer.’ She put them together to be ‘Stealth...

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