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Meet the Artist: David Buttram

The City of Cleveland is in a constant state of change. Local painter David Buttram’s pursuit is to portray the inner city of Cleveland in a beautiful light through his paintings, depicting the hopefulness in this area through a local’s eyes. “The inner city is a place of confinement and a place of hope,” David explains. “It is...

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Meet the Artist: Michael McFarland, Michael McFarland Studio

Honoring United States veterans who selflessly served their country is something we as Americans should honor, respect and remember every day of our lives—not just once a year on Veterans Day. Local artist Michael McFarland chooses to honor these esteemed individuals through his gorgeous artwork depicting the few and the proud, along with...

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Meet the Artist: Kaley Kleinman, Lithic Design

Lith•ic adj. /liTHik/ 1. Of the nature of, or relating to rock or stone. What started out as a small metals fabrication course turn into a desire for jewelry creation with precious gems and a long journey of self-taught development for local jewelry designer Kaley Kleinman. Out of this passion and yearning, Lithic Design was born...

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Lavender is the new pink: Mentor Fire unveils a beacon of hope, Comfort 54

The firefighters in Mentor are frequently showing their outward support for different causes near and dear to their hearts. From donning pink shirts in October supporting breast cancer awareness to growing their best mustaches to promote prostate cancer awareness during “No Shave November,” the firefighters of Mentor are always looking for a...

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Meet the Artist: Patty Flauto

It all starts with color. Whether it comes from a botanical reference, a piece of fabric or a clipping from a magazine, stimulation from color can be found everywhere in the world around us. Local artist Patty Flauto cites her passion for color and design as the source of inspiration for her unique, beautiful artwork. “Color is almost always...

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