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Unsightly nail fungus doesn’t have to stop you from flaunting your feet

In the past, treating the unsightly and pervasive condition of toenail fungus was hit or miss. There are oral medications, which can have side effects, and topical medications, which often produce mediocre results on their own because they don’t effectively penetrate the nail bed. Fungus is more than just unappealing to look at. Left...

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With MaxStrength’s proven formula for helping people get into the best shape of their lives, getting older doesn’t have to set you back

Thanks to advancements in medicine, people can expect to live longer, but will they live better? Locally owned MaxStrength Fitness studios were founded by Jeff Tomaszewski with a research-based strength training protocol aimed at increasing and preserving muscle mass, as well as bone density, flexibility, balance and nutrition. “Studies...

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Get the expertise of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost

As a personal trainer with a degree in exercise science, who has worked both with private clients and in other studios for the past decade, Evan Ferwerda has a unique perspective on what works. When he decided to open his own studio, he researched the market for a franchise that offered all the intensity of one-on-one training, with the...

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Yes, your leg pain has a cause

When we experience leg pain or fatigue, the go-to response is often to blame the problem on our advancing age or having just finished a long shift at work. But age and activity don’t necessarily correlate with these symptoms. There are many people of all ages who are highly active yet have no such issues. There is always an underlying cause,...

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Escape the noise; enjoy silence

If it’s hard for you to get any peace and quiet and decompress, we have a solution for you. Not everybody makes the time or has the quiet space to meditate. We offer you that space away from it all to recharge. When experiencing your session in the Harmonic Egg, you are bathed in harmonic frequencies and color that resonate with your cells...

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