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The freshly expanded Kat Lotus Beauty Lounge delivers more of the hottest beauty musts

Kat Khamvongsouk is a beauty expert. Not only is she stunning to look at, but Kat also brings a natural understanding of what makes a woman lovelier to her Kat Lotus Beauty Lounge in Medina—and graciously shares it with her clients. Whether you’re visiting for an eco-friendly mani or pedi, a facial, a makeup application,...

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You're beautiful!

It is said that to be a physician these days requires an ever-evolving understanding of physiology, high technology and a strong ability with analytics. It is also said that frequently doctors have a creative streak. Matthew McDaniel, MD, of Fairlawn Aesthetic MD, is just such a doctor. It doesn’t take a lot of conversation to appreciate...

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Blast the fat away with TruSculpt 3D—just in time for swimsuit season

Timeless Laser and Skin Care has added TruSculpt 3D non-surgical body sculpting to its full line of aesthetic services. TruSculpt 3D is the upgraded platform of TruSculpt and uses radio frequency to heat fat cells to cause intentional fat cell destruction. Fat cells are eliminated, which results in reduced fat circumference by an average...

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Say goodbye to the bulge—for good

The reality is some stubborn fat just won’t disappear, no matter how much we diet and exercise. And for years we’ve been told the only way to permanently get rid of this troublesome problem is by way of liposuction, and, more recently, CoolSculpting and Kybella. But an updated technology called TruSculpt 3D changes everything, and it’s...

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Skin Care Solutions introduces the MonaLisa Touch laser

Not everyone grows old gracefully. Many of us go there kicking and screaming, unwilling to accept every line and wrinkle as a mark of distinction or treasured memory. But the change to our faces is only part of the story. Some of us find that our ability to function as happy, healthy, sexually active women becomes impacted virtually...

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