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Tighten your skin without surgery

Radio Frequency (RF) is becoming one of the most talked about treatments in the aesthetics industry, and it’s a solid game changer. “RF eliminates the need for surgery and the associated downtime,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board certified aesthetic medicine doctor and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar. “It also costs a...

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Next-level microneedling at Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar

Given the choice, nobody is really going to opt for surgery over a non-invasive procedure to look younger. With the introduction of Vivace RF fractional microneedling to her practice, Dr. Laurel Matthews, of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, once again widens the gap between age-defying surgical procedures and those that offer remarkable results in a...

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Get your body bikini-ready, just in time for summer

Is anyone past the age of 30 really happy with the way they look in a bathing suit? Before you know it, bikini season will be upon us and there’ll be nowhere to hide for cover. But thanks to one of the newest advances in fat reduction—CoolSculpting—getting rid of stubborn fat from localized areas of the inner and outer thighs,...

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Reinventing Dolce

The story behind the new Dolce Organic Salon, Med Spa and Salt Room goes back to 2016, when owner Linda Machalicek and her sister visited a salt cave in Naples, Florida. They both were amazed by the experience, but while Linda’s sister was relaxing, her own mind was zipping along in overdrive. “I couldn’t stop thinking about how much...

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Find your style at Docere

In keeping with its mission as a destination for aesthetic services that help people look and feel their best, this month Docere Medical Spa and Laser Center is unveiling The Salon at Docere. “The new space follows suit with our practice of mixing the finest natural products with advanced services,” says owner Lori Leonard. After she...

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