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Dr. Laurel’s best face forward

“At the center of my practice is the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), which involves the isolation of growth factors in the blood. Those growth factors recruit omnipotent stem cells, which rejuvenate the skin, hair and body. New blood vessels grow and the result is new connective tissue strengthened with collagen,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews,...

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Blast the fat away—in time for Christmas—with TruSculpt 3D

Timeless Laser and Skin Care has added TruSculpt 3D nonsurgical body sculpting to its full line of aesthetic services. TruSculpt 3D is the upgraded platform of TruSculpt and uses radio frequency to heat fat cells to cause intentional fat cell destruction. Fat cells are eliminated, which results in reduced fat circumference by an average of 24...

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The gift of beautiful (and healthy) skin

Betsy Davis has been mesmerized by skin care for most of her life. “For years women asked me what the secret was for my glowing skin, and my answer has never changed: Start with a clean face and clean pores so your products will work even better,” she says. After raising her four children, Betsy decided to pursue her passion for...

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Treating hair loss

Mimi is known for her signature pink hat. It’s a style choice she’s chosen for years. But for some women, donning a hat is less about embracing fashion and more about hiding hair loss. “Alopecia tends to strike women at their core,” says Dr. John Kocka, medical director at Revive Regenerative Medical Spa. After years of...

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Discovering the beautiful you

Whether he’s scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, leading a medical mission trip to El Salvador, pedaling a bicycle great distances for local charities, creating heavenly musical sounds, or performing a cutting-edge surgical procedure in the operating room, Dr. Paul Vanek puts a new spin on the term “Renaissance man.” You may find him at a club...

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