At OsteoStrong Strongsville, members are eliminating pain and improving bone strength without breaking a sweat

Osteo Strong 2
Brian and Karen Docherty’s OsteoStrong center in Strongsville offers a bone strength system with a natural holistic approach. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Patricia Nugent

To celebrate Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month, as well as its one-year anniversary, the team at OsteoStrong Strongsville is offering a complimentary session and throwing an open house.

“One in two women and one in four men will suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis in their lifetime,” says Karen Docherty, who along with her husband Brian owns the center. “Our system addresses bone strength by building up the skeletal system, muscular strength and balance, all of which are necessary to prevent osteoporosis, or brittle bones more prone to fractures and poor posture.”

With a membership that ranges all ages from young athletes to increase strength, prevent injuries, and boost performance to seniors looking at improving bone strength, posture and mobility,

Karen has a personal story of recovery thanks to OsteoStrong. At age 9, she was hit by a truck and ended up with chronic pain due to the massive injuries. Then a couple years ago, she was working for a financial firm, two doors down was an Osteostrong center.

“After I noticed some of the members visibly improving in their posture and mobility, I decided to try it out for myself,” she says. “After a few sessions, my pain was completely gone. The effect was so dramatic, it made me want to share it with others.”

The four patented machines at the center are designed to build and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, reversing bone loss while improving balance and joint pain. Depending on your package, our most popular once-a-week sessions with health coach include a warmup on the vibration plate, four Spectrum machines (bone strength equipment), baseline measurements, and goal results. There is no sweat, no pain and there are no medications.

“We’ve just introduced a muscle-building training protocol called X3 Bar Elite Variable Resistance System,” she says. “With the use of a steel bar and bands tailored to your strength, you and personal health coach can target and build more muscle in less time with control movements in which the muscle stays contracted during the whole movement.” It starts with strengthening bones, your foundation, and then developing muscle mass strength through X3 Bar Elite. The best of all, Osteostrong Strongsville, is a community with friendly members and staff looking to improve our quality of life.

The four patented machines at OsteoStrong are designed to build and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improving bone strength, balance, and joint pain.

Treatment Modalities
A perk to members, Karen also offers five holistic treatment modalities, each with benefits to the body and mind:

• HydroMasage Lounges to relieve body stress and tension stiffness. Feeling Relaxed.

• Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy to restore energy, improve sleep, blood circulation, increase focus.

• Red Light Therapy to promote cellular health, skin collagen, anti-aging as well as athletic performance.

• Compression Boots that relieve soreness and flush the lymphatic system.

• BioCharger, the newest health optimization energy platform that produces four types of natural energies. Simply sit and relax while you use this non-invasive way to bath in natural energies.

What People are Saying

The benefits of OsteoStrong exercise, X3 training and the Biohacks have been touted in all testimonials the center receives. Here are a few:

“My shoulder pain is gone and able enjoy the day more” says Joe L.

Caroline B. says, “I’ve improved my bone density since my last Dexa scan naturally.”

“I can carry granddaughter upstairs with no problems” says Lynne E.

“My strength and agility has increase for baseball, can notice a difference in my performance” says Dylan D.

OsteoStrong Strongsville is located within a shopping plaza at 15308 Pearl Road in Strongsville. The center is enrolled in the Renew Active program by United Healthcare insurance to help cover the membership. Call 440-358-3838 or visit for more information.