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Meet the Artist: Grace Summanen

Local artist Grace Summanen brings her distinctive art to fruition using different household materials, playing with them together and experimenting until she achieves something inimitably beautiful. Inspired by her life and the everyday, Grace uses paint, fabric and wood to push the boundaries in her work. “Fabric interests me because it...

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Northeast Ohio has a lot of options for Medicare insurance, and TLC Insurance Group Cleveland offers almost all available options

Heading into the Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period—Thursday, October 15, to Monday, December 7—we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Joe Namath on television, radio and billboards, trying to convince seniors to call his out-of-state 1-800 number for the best-ever plan. Broadway Joe might have a Super Bowl ring and be in the...

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Three great stores on one lush, people-friendly campus: Here’s why people are buzzing about Amish Country’s Sheiyah Market

Last fall, when Ruth Schlabach sat down with her team to plan the 2020 20th anniversary festivities for her beloved Village Gift Barn, located in Ohio’s Amish Country, she decided the time was right for change. “We were preparing to celebrate 20 years of the Village Gift Barn and also rebrand the Old Berlin Village Shoppes campus under a...

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Everyone has a different reason for working out at the Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center: What’s yours going to be?

When you look at people working out in a gym, everyone is there for a different reason. Some like the relaxation of a yoga class. Others lift weights to sculpt their muscles. And others are increasing their strength after a surgery or illness. At the Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center, though, what everyone has in common...

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Custom Stone House is making a stunning fireplace renovation the hottest home improvement project this season

It has been said that a house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. A fireplace adds extra warmth during the cooler months, creates a stunning design focal point and increases your home’s value—making it the perfect home renovation project. “Your fireplace really is the showpiece inside your home,” says Ronnie Stout,...

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