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Using other people’s money

Sometimes we need to expand our business to make our lives easier, but this can be costly. Sometimes it’s necessary to borrow money to buy a new machine or remodel a kitchen. But do you...

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Strength training is the fountain of youth at MaxStrength Fitness

Most high achieving executives understand that quality trumps quantity. It’s true for the products they sell. It’s true for customer service. And it’s true for exercise, asserts Jeff...

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Wine Down & Sweets Café is rethinking the dessert course

Wine and cheese is a common pairing. But wine and a cupcake? “Absolutely,” Tammy Phillip enthusiastically confirms. “If you ask a woman about her favorite two things, many will say...

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At Brookway Hearing Center, being fitted with the right hearing aid for you is like music to your ears

More than 130 people spending a sunny afternoon in the park, enjoying good food, good music and good company. Sound like a family reunion? Pretty close, says Robert Pavlik Jr., a board...

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Design Surfaces Kitchen and Bath has beefed up its natural stone inventory, and we’re in love

Many of our most essential products today are relative newcomers to our lives. The iPhone, for example, hit the market only 11 years ago. Google was launched in 1998. And only 36 years ago, techies...

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