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Blue Heron Brewery is taking orders now for its wildly popular Take and Bake Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving dinner may be easier than ever this year. It may also be more delicious than ever, but don’t tell Grandma I said so. That’s because Blue Heron Brewery, for the third year, is...

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Upgrade your floors with help from MDG Flooring America and start living a little bit better

A home is generally a reliable investment. During a precarious economy and a time of runaway inflation, many people are putting their money in home improvement projects—where they are...

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Medina Strong: Choosing a local business is easy when your talent pool includes some of the best in Northeast Ohio

“Medina is unique because the people in the community all pitch in,” Julie McNabb, co-owner of Interior Design Studio says. “I frequently see business owners and community members working...

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The making of carpet fiber

Carpeting is a vital variable in a room’s appearance. It also can make a significant tactual impression since you walk—and maybe lie down—on it, notes Donald Green, vice president at...

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Reclaim usable garage space

The apprehension of venturing into a dingy, cluttered garage to hunt for a tool can leave many simple household repairs stuck on a perpetual to-do list. “Clutter can be overwhelming,”...

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