See how how Chagrin Home Improvements can give your outdated kitchen cabinets a stunning new life—for less than the cost of a remodel

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The entire Chagrin Home Improvements cabinet painting process usually takes just five days to complete, and you’ll have the use of your kitchen the entire time. What renovation project can promise that?

By Mary Malik

Is a new look for the kitchen on your wish list but a total gut job not in the budget for 2024? Chagrin Home Improvements will give you that new, updated kitchen without the cost, hassle or time commitment of a full renovation.

Joe Jacobs, founder of Chagrin Home Improvements

Owner Joe Jacobs and his professional, full-time, dedicated staff have made a substantial investment of time and money in a brand-new, state-of-the-art, spray-painting facility in Chagrin Falls. The process results in a complete cabinet revitalization that will transform your entire kitchen and make you forget all about that expensive, invasive renovation.

“The spray system was designed for high-end car painting,” Joe says. “We have reconfigured it for our purposes and built a separate, dedicated facility where the cabinet painting is done in an environment that guarantees an outcome you simply won’t believe. This goes way beyond painting your cabinets. The finish we’re able to achieve with our process is second to none.”

Joe Jacobs (center), and his brothers Mick (left) and John.

The Chagrin Home Improvements team’s commitment to quality in the two areas they focus on—deck maintenance and staining in the summer months, and cabinet painting in the winter—allows them to dedicate themselves to two very specific processes and be the best.

“I decided when I started this small business that whatever services we offered, we would be the best. We have made a commitment by investing heavily in training and equipment so we can offer the latest techniques and most efficient processes to achieve the highest quality results,” Joe says. “Anyone can paint cabinets, but I promise you the result won’t be anything like ours.”

Chagrin Home Improvements has a brand-new, state-of-the-art, spray-painting facitility in Chagrin Falls. The space has been designed for cabinet revitalization.

Many homeowners would say the thing that bothers them most about their current kitchen, and what has prompted the desire for a new one, is the cabinets. But the truth is often they are in good shape, and even a higher quality than new ones, and it’s the look that bothers them.

“Cabinets are the first thing you notice in a kitchen,” Joe says. “The transformation that the quality of our spray-painting job can make updates the entire space without the cost of new ones.”

We’ve all seen the advertisements for affordable cabinets that seem to make a lot of sense, if you’re on a budget or simply want to replace your old ones. What those ads don’t tell you is that replacing your cabinets can be the beginning of a cascade of events you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Investing heavily in training and equipment Chagrin Home Improvements offers the latest techniques and most efficient processes to achieve the highest quality results.

“Cabinet replacement is never that simple and the ads fail to tell you that,” Joe says. “It can affect the countertops, backsplash, appliances and even flooring if the measurements and placements aren’t exactly the same as the old cabinets. You can create a much bigger, and more expensive, project than you ever anticipated just by wanting better looking cabinets. We can do that for you in a much less expensive and more efficient way and be out of your home in just five days.”

A cabinet transformation by Chagrin Home Improvements begins with a visit to your home for an assessment of the cabinets and their condition, then Joe gets back to you with a written quote. The crew first removes cabinet doors, drawers and hardware, which is cataloged to ensure it’s all put back in the right place. Doors and drawers are then taken to the painting facility in Chagrin Falls.

From carefully cataloging the doors, drawers and hardware, to sanding and expert paint application, the team’s efforts will restore your cabinets so they look new again.

“It’s here where we begin the critical prep process of filling any cracks or holes before sanding every inch to a smooth finish, cleaning them so there’s not a speck of dust or residue, applying a premium primer and spraying two coats of paint for a flawless finish,” explains Joe. “An on-site crew member is at the same time painting the cabinet boxes in your home using the same process for an identical finish.”

The entire process usually takes five days to complete, and you’ll have the use of your kitchen the entire time. What renovation project can promise that?

“Others may tell you they will paint your cabinets in three days,” Joe says. “And our actual painting also takes three days, but the first day is spent on door removal, taping and all the other prep work that is critical to our result. The fifth day is dedicated to properly reinstalling doors and attaching all hardware.”

Joe says clients are always amazed at the result of a cabinet painting by Chagrin Home Improvements.

“We will transform your space and increase the value of your home in less time, for less money, with no upheaval to your family’s life,” Joe says.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, call Joe Jacobs of Chagrin Home Improvements at 440-247-6700 or check the website and see what a cabinet transformation can mean for your home.

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