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With its roots firmly planted in Avon and Avon Lake, West Construction is a go-to source for all things home remodeling. Find out how owners Mike (right) and Patty West (center) and designer Dave Gilbert (left) can transform your space. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Laura Briedis

It’s no surprise that one of the go-to home remodelers in town has deep roots in both Avon and Avon Lake. And you could say that for Mike and Patty West, there is no such thing as being on the wrong side of the tracks. They’ve lived in Avon for decades and work in Avon Lake—literally steps from the railroad tracks that divide the two cities.

Owners of West Construction, they raised three children who graduated from Avon High School while the couple was running a remodeling business headquartered in Avon Lake on State Route 83.

A family-owned business spanning three generations, West Construction has been helping spruce up both communities by remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and basements. With years of experience and an extensive portfolio of jobs, Mike learned his building skills from his father, who was in the building industry, and got his design sense from his mother, who was an artist.

“We take pride in being the neighborhood remodeler,” says Mike. “This is our backyard and where we want to work.”

While other remodeling contractors have come and gone, West Construction has been a staple in town for four decades, building its business by referrals from happy homeowners.

“Our steadfast commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer service is unwavering,” says Mike. “We make home remodeling simple for homeowners by handling everything from the design, layout and the material selection to the construction and warranty.”

Details, Details

More than just a contractor, West Construction has its own boutique design studio and in-house designer to provide a one-stop solution. As a testament to its design sense, the company is Houzz recommended (a popular online community that shares design inspiration and tips).

West Construction’s in-house designer works with clients to come up with the room design to reflect the homeowner’s style, while providing functionality for the family.

“We use digital 3D CAD to take you through a virtual walk-through of what your room is going to look like before we even start construction,” explains designer Dave Gilbert, who has a creative flair and knack for making the projects acutely personalized. 

“We also have virtual reality software so homeowners can put on glasses and get panoramic, 360-degree views of proposed kitchen and bath designs so they feel like they are right inside of the new room.”

With so many options when it comes to home remodeling, West Construction provides creativity to narrow down the design while staying within budget.

“What makes West Construction unique is that we are authorized dealers for many manufacturers, which cuts out the middleman and saves homeowners money,” says Mike. “Most contractors don’t have their own design studio, so they buy materials from a dealer and mark up the prices.”

“Clients’ senses are involved in the remodeling process here, as they can see and touch the materials during the decision-making stage,” he adds.

“They get to see the exact materials they are putting in their home.”

The Avon Lake studio is stocked with a varied selection of flooring, countertops, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, shower enclosures, lighting and hardware.” 

Expert Craftsmanship 
Since West Construction has been remodeling homes for nearly four decades, it has built an experienced in-house construction team consisting of certified installers.

“Our installers are well-versed on our design-build process that streamlines home remodeling,” comments Mike. “And our designer stays involved throughout the project, overseeing the remodel from the initial concept to the final installation.”

In addition to a pre-construction meeting, there are weekly construction meetings with the homeowners to update them on the progress and address any concerns.

“We offer a distinct approach to remodeling that positions us as our clients’ partners,” says Mike. “As your partners, we will guide you through the remodeling process and provide creative design and excellent craftsmanship.”

“While our two neighboring cities keep growing exponentially, you can count on West Construction to remain a constant in the community and steadfast in its goal to enhance these cities in which we live and work,” he smiles.

West Construction is located at 753 Avon Belden Road in Avon Lake. Studio hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday and evenings by appointment. Call 440-570-1000 to schedule an in-home consultation or visit for more information.

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