When Betsy Ball wanted to get into shape, she chose Fitness Together for one-on-one training

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As of mid-April, with the help of her Fitness Together trainer Mike Biello, Betsy Ball has lost 21 pounds. She’s leaner, stronger, and has more energy. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Working in IT as a software developer, Betsy Ball of Westlake spends the lion’s share of her time sitting behind a computer. Though she’s moderately active, hitting a local gym and walking on the treadmill, over the years the pounds went on, and her other health marker numbers—such as blood sugar—went up.

In January, just after receiving the diabetes diagnosis she had been dreading for years, Betsy happened to read about Fitness Together in Mimi Magazine.

“I figured it was time to bring in the professionals,” she said. “The article touched on the difference one-on-one training in a private setting makes to achieving results, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Peeking Behind the Numbers
According to her trainer, Mike Biello, Betsy is a model client, always coming to the twice-weekly training sessions ready to work. And it’s paid off.

As of mid-April, she had lost 21 pounds. During this time period, she also net-gained four pounds of muscle, an integral indicator for body composition.

In addition to losing a few sizes, and many inches, especially around her midsection, Betsy says the sessions have boosted her energy level and everyday functional movement.

When chatting with Mike and Betsy, it quickly becomes evident they share a bit of a sarcastic love-hate relationship. There is a lot of good-natured ribbing going both ways. And along with the laughter, there’s serious work.

“My style of training is pretty intense,” says Mike. “I’m passionate about pushing clients to achieve their potential.”

Within the private training suites, they utilize the latest high-tech equipment, from cardio machines to TRX suspension bands, medicine and stability balls and weights.

During reps, he is constantly readjusting her form, changing weights, consulting her chart, making notes.

“If I have one adjective to describe Mike, it’s ‘motivating,’” she says. “He pushes me so much harder and further than I ever would myself. He’s tough, yet always encouraging and positive. And at my age, it’s a plus that I’m confident I won’t hurt myself during the workouts.”

Pushing Pushup Perfection
“All movements in our sessions are based on her capabilities,” says Mike. “And the frequent assessments help us check in to see how the progress is coming along in terms of reaching her goals. For instance, when we first started, she could barely do a pushup or squat without modifying the move. Now she executes them perfectly.”

Betsy says that her ultimate goal is to push her diabetes into remission, and not have to take medications to keep it under control.

“I also cannot wait to do more biking and hiking this summer, now that my strength and endurance are much improved,” she says.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success
Over the past 10-plus years, the Fitness Together group of studios has grown by leaps and bounds in the Cleveland area.

Owner Sean Sullivan credits the ongoing expansion to getting the formula right—providing an elite, personalized experience with warm, friendly client service.

“Our nationally certified trainers possess an infectious enthusiasm for helping others achieve their fitness goals,” he says. “Unlike many training studios, our clients tend to stay with us for the long-term. We provide accountability and results.”

Fitness Together is located within the Dover Commons Shopping Center, at 650 Dover Center Road, Bay Village. Call 440-671-3200 or visit FitnessTogether.com/bay-village for more information.