The "what ifs" of Affordable Care

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Schedule a time to meet with HealthMarkets' Roni Bell early to review your options so you’re in a better position to make choices once November rolls around.

By Roni Bell, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

What happens to the people who either didn’t enroll in Affordable Care, hate the coverage they have, or have stopped paying their premium? Surprisingly, there are some options. 

1) What if you missed the open enrollment period?
Right now you’re likely without health coverage and may be faced with a tax penalty. You could qualify for special enrollment. If you don’t, we can create a patchwork of coverage to get you through the remainder of the year. You aren’t absolved from the possibility of an accident, illness or injury, so my goal is to get you some kind of protection. 

2) What if you hate your coverage?
We can take a closer look at what the trouble spots are and come up with some solutions to address them. Maybe you’re paying too much for prescriptions. I can help connect you with discount programs to lower your financial obligation. Let’s sit down, review what you don’t like and come up with a way to make adjustments.

3) What if you stopped paying your insurance premium?
Tax penalties may apply. You still might be able to get back into the same plan, but if the grace period has expired we’re likely looking at supplemental options for coverage. Let’s take a look at where you are and where you need to be. 

This year, planning ahead for open enrollment in Affordable Care is going to be key. The enrollment period has been shortened and there will be less time to meet with an agent. Schedule a time to meet with me early to review your options so you’re in a better position to make choices once November rolls around.

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