The top team of landscaping pros at ASE Outdoor Solutions expertly craft hardscapes and landscapes throughout Northeast Ohio

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The team at ASE Outdoor Solutions is skilled at hardscaping projects like adding firepits or fireplaces with surrounding seating, as well as structures that add character like arbors, pergolas, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens.

By Patricia Nugent

According to records, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter 108 times over the past 128 Groundhog Days. Not very encouraging. However, it’s important to note that he’s only gotten the prediction correct 39% of the time.

Wherever we wind up this year, the promise of springtime is not far off. February and March are ideal months to set yourself—and your yard—up for success all year long.

ASE Outdoor Solutions, which has earned a reputation for living up to its initials (A Superior Edge), is already booking spring clean-up jobs for next month, planning maintenance packages, and meeting with homeowners and businesses to design new outdoor living spaces.

“We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment to produce top results in less time,” says owner Tyler Hewit, who founded the fast-growing company 11 years ago. “For instance, we’ve purchased a commercial-grade edger called Turf Teq that pulverizes the topsoil and grass and spreads it back into the bed. It’s three times faster than a traditional edger, which helps us keep our costs to homeowners down. Proper edging adds curb appeal to any home.”

Another back-breaking chore that’s best left to a professional? Mulching.

ASE Outdoor Solutions operates a mulch vehicle that can perfectly lay 200 yards of mulch in a single day.

“Working with a local, family-owned provider, we offer many varieties of mulch, from organic to dyed, single and triple shred, in lots of colors to complement any home,” he adds. “And since we buy it in bulk, it’s more affordable then buying it bagged from a big box store. Before we lay mulch, we go the extra mile of laying a weed preventor down in the beds. Mulch serves several purposes beyond looking great. It retains nutrients and water for your plants, and stops grass, weeds, fungus and mold from infiltrating the beds.”

In addition to maintaining a fleet of high-tech equipment, Tyler feels the training and specialization of ASE techs also sets them apart from the average landscape company. “Our person who is trained and has a real talent for pruning is finely attuned to care for a plant or tree to ensure its health, growth, resistance to disease, and long life,” he says.

Spring is the perfect time to have Tyler and his crew assess the state of your lawn, prescribe ways to bring out its best, and follow up with weekly mows. (But don’t wait too long to call, as they became fully booked early last year.)

ASE Outdoor Solutions works with local companies to provide bulk mulch options for less. Now is a perfect time to get on the spring mulching schedule.

Create an Outdoor Paradise
Hand-picking nursery stock that’s grown in Ohio, Tyler and his creative crew work with homeowners and businesses to create dreamy landscapes that fit the style preferences of the client, orchestrating a customized effect with varying bloom cycles to stay beautiful through three seasons.

“In the design phase, I sit down with folks to get a handle on their personal style,” he says. “Hardscapes are an important part of the space, too. We find out how people like to spend their time outdoors, suggesting firepits or fireplaces with surrounding seating, as well as structures that add character like arbors, pergolas, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens, which seem to grow bigger and more elaborate each year.”

Excavation and drainage are also necessary functions to properly prepare the land underneath and surrounding a home or structure.

“With a fleet of specialty excavation equipment, we can accomplish anything from gutter tie-ins to installing footer drains, burying downspouts and utility lines, or running pipes under pathways or roads, to create the safest and most stable drainage conditions,” says Tyler. “We also grade land and cut in land for new driveways. Whatever the need, our seasoned crew is well-quipped to provide solutions for residential and commercial customers.”

Headquartered in Valley City, ASE Outdoor Solutions beautifies lawns all over Medina, Wayne, Ashland, Cuyahoga, Stark and Summit Counties. The company is a certified drainage contractor. Call 330-203-1431 or visit to schedule your free consultation.