The team at Williams Landscaping & Pavers goes above and beyond to create extraordinary outdoor designs

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The team at Williams Landscaping & Pavers is a reflection of the company’s values. Brian leads by example, knowing that he’s a part of the people he surrounds himself with. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Adam Cook

Williams Landscaping & Pavers values leadership. Having the right leaders in the right position is first and foremost essential to their success. When owner Brian Williams and his team arrive to a client’s project, it’s to do more than just a job. As true professionals, they focus on giving their best performance in order to further enhance their clients’ outdoor experiences.

They have more than 100 years of experience between them.

“A football team can have the best players, but they need to follow the same playbook and run in the same direction,” says Brian.

Brian Williams, Company Owner

Brian trusts his managers and foremen to move the ball forward, but, more importantly, the team trusts one another. Everyone on the team has a role, and everyone on the team can see the field and realize their potential for themselves and their clients.

Operations Manager Nick Lesch has over 20 years of experience in the field.

“You get the right group of guys together, you can make something beautiful,” says Nick. “When I go out in the field and see what I designed on the computer brought to life by these guys through their skills and talents, it’s amazing.”

Nick Lesch, Operations Manager

Every new project at Williams Landscaping & Pavers is a blank canvas.

“I mimic the customer’s whole house and landscape completely,” Nick says.

Using state-of-the-art design programs, Nick can fill in the details. “We can show customers the result ahead of time. The detail is amazing,” he says.

For Administrative Manager Connor McKnight, it’s worth the wait.

Connor McKnight, Administrative Manager

“I get out of the office whenever I can and see the looks on the faces of a family when it all comes together. It makes my day to know those looks of happiness will be there when they come together as a family again and again in that new space,” Connor says.

Everyone is a unique specialist, and from start to finish the foremen are there—craftsmen in the art of landscape or hardscape.

“I like putting the plan into action,” Landscape Foreman Andre Heilelburg says.

Andre Heilelburg, Landscape Foreman

“A blueprint is a promise, and when we exceed expectations we’ve done our job.”

Landscape Foreman Jesse Sliter has been there since the beginning when Brian founded Williams Landscaping Pavers in 2002.

“A lot of customers call us because the company they had was unsatisfactory. We make it look professional,” Jesse says.

Jesse Sliter, Landscape Foreman

The results can make a lasting impression.

“Working with my hands gives me a sense of satisfaction, and we build hardscape to last,” says Hardscape Foreman Brian Cooney.

Brian Cooney, Hardscape Foreman

Williams Landscaping Paving specializes in giving its customers what they want, even if it’s nothing more than a desire for an outdoor experience.

Hardscape Foreman Bobby Bennett helps clients take in their surroundings.

“The last project we finished started out as an ordinary pool and we turned their yard into a backyard oasis,” Bobby shares. “The patio surrounds over half of the pool, complete with a tanning area on one side and a granite top fire pit with glass panels on the other side. A cascade of soft landscaping and outdoor lighting illuminates the length of the pool with a water feature that falls into a stream that splits into two separate waterfalls, pouring into the pool.”

Bobby Bennett, Hardscape Foreman

Bobby says it’s all about flow, and experiencing joy.

“A water feature is a good conversation starter, and I don’t know what kids love more—the waterfall into the pool or the splash pads we’ve installed for other recent projects,” smiles Bobby.

The team at Williams Landscaping & Pavers is a reflection of the company’s values. Brian leads by example, knowing that he’s a part of the people he surrounds himself with.

Williams Landscaping & Pavers Ltd. is located at 800 Barchard St. in Grafton. Find inspiration at Consultations are free. The phone number is 440-476-9135.