Stay connected in a tech-rich world with the new Phonak Audeo Marvel, one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market

Phone Hearing Aid
Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center offers the Phonak Audeo Marvel, one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market.

By Patricia Nugent

As one of only 20 hearing centers in the United States to participate in a pilot program testing the effectiveness of new Bluetooth-connected hearing aids, Dr. Jane Kukula is thrilled to report the results.

Over a six-month period last year, from early spring to late summer, 28 of her patients at Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center in Mentor tried out the Phonak Audeo Marvel, which was introduced to the market at the end of the year.

“They truly believed that these devices lived up to their name,” she says. “This is a powerful leap of technology, not only to have your aids connected to any Bluetooth device, such as a smart phone, laptop or GPS, but the patients were amazed at the telehealth component of the aids. I was able to call them on the phone and directly fine-tune the aids. No need for an office visit.”

“For many of our patients who are seniors, getting out to doctor appointments can be a real hassle,” she says. “It’s great to be able to offer telemedicine that’s as efficient as it is convenient and time-saving.”

She mentions that during the telehealth adjustment, patients go on a HIPAA-secured app from the manufacturer. All they do is press start and they see Dr. Jane, just as they would via FaceTime.

“The hearing instruments are multifunctional,” she says. “Beyond being able to have hands-free phone calls, those with severe to profound hearing loss can use the call to text function, which turns every phone call into a text.”

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No matter what hearing aid is the best fit for each patient, Dr. Jane and fellow audiologist Dr. Danielle Hoenig are dedicated to creating a path for folks to get them. They offer a financial bundling plan that allows patients to opt for a lower upfront cost and to pay for services as they go.

Advanced Audiology Concepts is located at 8897 Mentor Avenue in Mentor. Call the office to set up an audiogram to see how healthy your hearing is, 440-205-8848. Initial audiograms are covered by most insurances. Visit for more information.