Spring clean your deck

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Almost every deck can be “rescued” and returned to like-new beauty.

By Bill Yurgen

For those who can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the soon-to-arrive warmer weather, Gary Young, owner of the local Deck Rescue franchise here in this area, has you covered.

On April 1, Deck Rescue will begin scheduling their full array of exterior maintenance and cleaning services.

“For anyone with a deck, early in the season is an ideal time to have your deck restored to its like-new beauty,” Gary explains.

“That way you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor living area the entire season and minimize your effort moving your furniture off and on your deck.”

Restoration 3 Ways

Deck Rescue offers three levels of restoration options depending on the condition of the deck:

  1. Basic: Ideal for those who have had their deck rescued in the past year or so. After a thorough power washing, a maintenance coat is applied to the newly cleaned surface for yearlong protection.
  2. Standard: After washing, your deck is lightly sanded and, if necessary, stripped before a durable toner (translucent stain and protective sealer) is applied. On older decks, sometimes a solid stain is recommended.
  3. Premium: After a thorough wash, the deck is sanded and meticulously stripped. This method is perfect for those homeowners who purchased one of the “cover-all” deck coating systems offered by the big DIY stores. Many of these systems sold early on are now selectively peeling, leaving homeowners wondering about the future of their decks. Gary assures those folks that indeed their decks can be rescued as well. It’s just a more labor-intensive process to completely strip these decks and ready them for their new youthful appearance.

Regardless of which level of restoration you choose, your deck will experience a dramatic improvement in appearance that your family will enjoy all season long.

A Word about Composite Decks

Composite decks are growing in popularity because of their lower maintenance requirements.

“However, these decks do require regular cleaning,” Gary reminds us.

“Composite decks have some advantages, but one significant issue many of our customers are experiencing is the growth of surface mold which looks awful and is unhealthy. We can clean and mitigate this problem, returning your composite deck’s appearance to its like-new glory.”

Beyond the Deck, Into the Yard and Around the House
What Deck Rescue can do for your deck, they can also do for any large wood surfaces including fences, outdoor buildings and log or timber frame homes.

The team at Deck Rescue prides themselves on the restorations they have made throughout the area.

Gary also offers top-quality power washing. The same careful attention to detail they give your deck, they will give your patio, walkways, driveway and the exterior of your home.

Decorative Lighting
If you are planning an outdoor party or desire seasonal ambiance, Deck Rescue is now offering temporary decorative outdoor lighting that’s a beautiful addition for parties, receptions or holiday celebrations.

Gutters Cleaned and Protected
To help homeowners check off more boxes on their seasonal to-do list, Deck Rescue now cleans out the debris that builds up in the gutters of the “Forest City.”

While they’re up there, you may want to consider having them install a gutter protection system that keeps your gutters clean and flowing—making foundation damage and the formation of destructive ice dams less likely.

Deck Rescue Has You Covered
Deck Rescue has so many ways to reduce your outdoor maintenance burden you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a siesta or two on your beautifully restored deck.

For optimal enjoyment a retractable awning over your deck will allow for much more use of your family’s favorite gathering spot. If you haven’t guessed by now, yes, Gary can provide that as well.

To get on Deck Rescue’s spring schedule, we suggest you call soon as it typically fills rapidly. To discuss your deck rescue or other spring maintenance project, you can call Gary’s office at 440-309-4992 or visit DeckRescue.net.

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