Sporty shoes from New Balance do double duty as flirty, fun and fashionable footwear options

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Whether you are running, walking, or just wanting to look fashionable and trendy, New Balance footwear has you covered.

By Emily McCullough, Lucky Shoes

Q: What are some great athletic styles to wear not just for running or working out, but also for fashion purposes?

A: New Balance is my go-to choice. This brand is not just about running shoes. In fact, many of their styles are very fashion forward and can be worn casually. 

Whether you are running, walking, or just wanting to look fashionable and trendy, New Balance footwear has you covered. 

The New Balance 574 is one of the most trend-ready athletic shoes on the market. This classic 1990s to early 2000s style has come back into the fashion scene and is even offered in some of your favorite pastel colors for spring.

The 1080 is one of New Balance’s cushioned running shoe options, made with fresh foam technology. This style is a perfect way to motivate you to get outdoors and exercise. Running or walking, the 1080 is a wonderful option with exceptional stability and a breathable outsole. The 1080 looks fabulous with your favorite running shorts, a T-shirt, and a ball cap for either a casual walking day or even a long run. 

The New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz is going to be your favorite weekend sneaker. It looks great paired with your favorite yoga leggings or a cuffed pair of jeans. This item is an easy way to wear the comfort of fresh foam, but in a more casual way. The Cruz is also a perfect choice for amusement parks, vacations, or for just a day of running errands. Because of its versatility, the Cruz can be worn in many different ways, plus Lucky Shoes has his and hers matching colors, too. You may see Francisco Lindor wearing his favorite pair of the Cruz around Cleveland.

If you are constantly on the move, the Fresh Foam Lazr was designed for you. This style has the first ever New Balance laser-engraved midsole, which provides extra comfort. The Lazr showcases the popular street-to-runway look of athletic wear. This look has become increasingly popular and has now gone to high runway fashion. You can wear this style with your favorite casual outfit, or even take it for a spin through the trails. 

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