On Dr. Noel Abood’s NutriMost program, you can expect to drop at least 20 pounds in 40 days

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Everyone who is accepted as a NutriMost Solon patient is guaranteed to lose at least 20 pounds in 40 days, with women typically losing 27-35 pounds and men dropping 35-45 pounds. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Nina Polien Light

At his heaviest, Tom Stanton tipped the scales at 262 pounds. He knew the heft contributed to his Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The former financial services executive tried to diet, but repeatedly lost and regained the same 15 or 20 pounds.

Something had to change.

Fortunately, Tom’s son, a wellness coach, told him about a revolutionary weight loss program located inside Solon Spine and Wellness Center, where he worked. His son marveled at the many clients who were losing at least 20 pounds—and often as many as 45-50 pounds—in 40 days at NutriMost Solon, and convinced Tom to schedule a consultation with Noel Abood, DC.

At his appointment, Tom learned his metabolic age was 86 and his visceral fat rating, the fat around his heart and other vital organs, was 19, well above the healthy limit of 12. He was astounded to learn there was a metabolic reason why he could not lose weight permanently and needed to take so many medications for his poor health. Dr. Abood assured Tom he could shed 25-30 pounds permanently by following the NutriMost program.

“I’m thinking 10-15 pounds would be a miracle,” Tom confesses.

“But I lost 28 pounds in 40 days. After seeing my doctor, I eventually got off my diabetes and cholesterol meds and cut my blood pressure medications in half. It’s been such a life-changing experience.”

Life-changing in more ways than one. Tom was so impressed with the program and Dr. Abood was so impressed with Tom that Tom now serves as NutriMost Solon’s clinic director.

“Our clients have the real, life-changing benefits that I’ve had,” Tom says, referencing why he joined the NutriMost team.

“I hear it virtually every hour of every day. They get off their meds. Their self-image and self-confidence change as they realize success, feel and look better, have greater energy and regain their health.”

“There are so many misconceptions about weight-loss programs,” recognizes Dr. Abood.

“At NutriMost Solon, we do our best to help you lose weight and keep it off. Most people have no idea what foods are best for them or what their body needs to lose weight and fix the metabolism.”

“There are just too many diets and fads out there—and it’s confusing or unsafe,” he adds.

“Our biometric technology and personalized approach help remove the guesswork in identifying what your body needs to rebalance and lose weight in a natural way. Our clients not only see amazing weight loss results, they are also equipped with the roadmap to what works best for their bodies and how to maintain long term success.”

Technology Takes the Guesswork out of Weight Loss
GSR technology, which stands for Galvanic Skin Response, blends science and technology to assess 2,800 different biomarkers that interfere with the body’s ability to burn fat. The proprietary software helps to provide a customized and individualized formula that is devised based on each person’s specific biomarkers.

Everyone who is accepted as a patient is guaranteed to lose at least 20 pounds, with women typically losing 27-35 pounds and men dropping 35-45 pounds.

The first step involves an in-depth conversation about what may have triggered the weight gain: Childbirth? Divorce? Menopause?

Perhaps an illness or injury? Next comes a body composition analysis, which determines a person’s biomarkers and eligibility for GSR technology.

Once on the program, clients maintain a food journal while following a 40-day food plan that relies on familiar proteins, vegetables, and fruits—no cardboard meals or chalky beverages here. The body remains in fat-burning mode as it repairs the metabolism, balances hormones and rids itself of toxins.

Dr. Abood states that “Unlike other diets, this is not a starvation diet where you will constantly be hungry during the process. Our clients are seldom hungry. But if you are hungry, it means you are not eating enough.”

Continued Support is Integral to Success
Clients can communicate with the doctor daily by phone, text or email. They visit the office weekly for a body composition analysis, which looks at factors such as dehydration, metabolic age, or fat versus muscle. There is even a Facebook support page that contains recipes, among other things.

After 40 days, it takes the body about three weeks to help reset the metabolism to the new weight set point. Then clients can expect to eat whatever they desire, within reason, without regaining the weight. If you gain a few pounds, getting back on the wagon is easy.

“If you ever begin to gain weight, you just refer back to the original testing to determine which foods resonate best with your body and, by concentrating on those foods, you will quickly return to your optimal weight,” Dr. Abood assures.

“This gives our patients a sense of freedom knowing they now possess the tools necessary to manage their weight.”

A now-healthier Tom agrees.

“The body has an enormous capacity to heal itself,” he says.

NutriMost Solon is located at 6175 SOM Center Road (inside Solon Spine and Wellness Center), in Solon. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Friday, 8:00 a.m. to noon; Saturday, by appointment only. For more information, call 440-669-0050, or view an explanatory video at SlenderSolon.com.