Now more than ever, intimacy is so important

The MonaLisa Touch laser is an ideal solution for patients who are dealing with menopausal issues and don’t want to take hormones

By Beth Newcomb

As soon as OB/GYN Dr. Kimberly Kraus heard about the groundbreaking MonaLisa Touch laser, she knew she wanted to introduce it to the Cleveland area.

Now, five years later, the MonaLisa Touch continues to offer people hope.

“The MonaLisa Touch is life-changing for so many of my patients,” she says. “Countless women were suffering from vaginal dryness, itching, burning and painful intercourse. This minimally invasive laser works painlessly in about three to five minutes to treat these symptoms by activating vaginal tissue to produce collagen.”

There is no anesthesia and no downtime, she says, as the therapy takes place right in her offices at Southwest General Hospital. Women who have undergone the procedure report feeling only a slight vibration.

“I have seen many patients who had not been physically intimate with their partners for years due to vaginal pain, seek my help with MonaLisa Touch, and, after just one treatment, report their pain is gone,” she reports.

Three sessions spaced six weeks apart are recommended, and an annual maintenance therapy may be necessary.

This is an ideal solution for patients who are dealing with menopausal issues and don’t want to take hormones. Breast cancer survivors who have had changes in their vaginal health caused by therapy and can’t take hormones to ease their symptoms are perfect candidates.

MonaLisa Touch also treats Lichens Sclerosus and may help with chronic urinary and vaginal infections.

“It means the world to me to share with my patients a safe and pain-free way to ease their symptoms without pills or creams,” she says. “And I hope patients of other doctors would consider my involvement just for this treatment. I don’t want to take anyone away from her doctor.”

Dr. Kimberly Kraus is located at the Southwest General Main Campus, Building C, at 7255 Old Oak Boulevard, Suite 112, in Middleburg Heights. In addition to being board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, she is certified in the MonaLisa Touch laser therapy. Call 440-816-5333 to make an appointment.