Northeast Factory Direct’s new bigger and better east side location is now open

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On the east side, NEFD now lives in the space that once housed B&B Appliance before it went out of business earlier this year. Carrying on the tradition of being a locally owned and operated store, Alex Nemet is thrilled to call this building home. (Photography by Joe Crawford)

By Beth Newcomb

Northeast Factory Direct is back on the east side—bigger and better than before, but with the same ridiculously low prices on home furnishings, hot tubs, mattresses and kitchen cabinets owner Alex Nemet has become known for.

After a horrendous fire swept through the former NEFD location bordering Route 2 in Eastlake, taking out a chunk of the warehouse and forcing the closure of the aging building, Alex wasted no time in thanking the community for its generous outpouring of support while simultaneously packing up his crew and shuttling them over to the Cleveland location.

“We didn’t miss a beat,” Alex shares.

“I knew we wouldn’t be away from the east side long, but I didn’t want my team or my customers to suffer while I contemplated my next move. We kept our east side crew employed by adding them to our west side location. We kept our customers happy by having talented people still in place to fulfill orders and assist on the sales floor. And we gave ourselves time to consider new location opportunities.”

Fittingly, Alex landed on the perfect place to call NEFD’s new east side home.

“Despite the obvious tragedy of losing our old building, the positive impact the fire had is really astounding,” Alex says. “We’re thrilled to be able to say we’ve relaunched on the east side in the former location of an iconic retail business—and people are going to love what we have in store.”

Goodbye B&B, Hello NEFD
After 93 years in business at the same location in Euclid, B&B Appliance closed its doors earlier this year. The beloved appliance giant served as a go-to source for generations of families who wanted to buy quality goods from a local seller, because it’s the place their parents and grandparents went to shop.

Ironically, the original B&B building on Lakeland Blvd. was destroyed by a fire in 1994, before the current building was constructed in 1996.

The parallels aren’t lost on Alex.

“People loved what B&B was all about,” he says. “We’re honored to be able to make our comeback in the same location where that remarkable store lived—and bring the same dedication to customer service and quality to the sales floor.”

What’s In Store
As those familiar with NEFD already know, both the west side and new east side locations are filled with a huge array of couches, loveseats, home theater seating, bedroom sets, dining sets, mattresses, hot tubs and more in the home furnishings category.

The kitchen design center highlights stylish solid wood cabinetry for up to 70 percent less than box stores charge.

But two exciting new additions to the sales floor include an exclusive line of Amish-made hardwood furniture, and the new Alexvale collection of fine American-made furniture.

“Alexvale represents the opportunity for people to buy custom furniture at reduced retail prices,” Alex notes.


“We offer 30 different high-quality sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans in this collection, starting at just $799. Plus, you get to choose from over 100 different exquisite fabric patterns and colors to make each piece your own.”

American made and pieces starting at just $799? There must be a catch.

“No catch,” smiles Alex.

“Even though we have a terrific new location on the east side, our focus is still on keeping prices low. There is no reason for anyone to pay retail—ever. The Alexvale collection and our new Amish dining collection include extraordinary, finely crafted pieces. But because we sell furniture by the truckload, we pass the savings we enjoy on to our customers. It’s that simple. No membership fees and no Main Street mark-ups. Nothing but honest-to-goodness low pricing.”

Alex stresses that although this new collection is ordered to your exacting specifications, then delivered to your home, you won’t be paying the standard Alexvale price.

“This is Northeast Factory Direct, so you can expect to pay about half of what you would pay for these pieces in any other store.”

And if it seems like anything attached to the word “Amish” automatically costs more, that’s probably because it does.

But not at Northeast Factory Direct.

Here you’ll find a fabulous new selection of fine hardwood dining sets, sold exclusively at NEFD, for about half of what you’d pay in Southern Ohio. And, every set can be customized to suit your tastes and décor.


You choose one of four different chair styles, four different leg styles, four edge options, four corner options, four wood species and four stain colors.

Then, Amish craftsmen create your set just the way you ordered it. Because up to four self-storing leaves can be added, your custom dining set can be as big or as small as you’d like it to be—for less.

Northeast Factory Direct has two locations: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland, 216-941-7727, and 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid, 440-942-7945. Hours for both locations are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. To sit down with a kitchen designer, an appointment is recommended. Get directions from anywhere when you visit the website at

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