Mustard Seed Market & Café’s new Friends of the Seed loyalty program introduces new products to shoppers and helps them save money

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At Mustard Seed Market & Café shoppers sign up for the new Friends of the Seed loyalty program at checkout using an easy and convenient touchscreen. You can also sign up online by visiting Just click “Savings,” then follow the prompts.

By Mitch Allen

Most shoppers in our area are aware of Mustard Seed Market & Café’s commitment to healthy eating, but you may not be aware of their new loyalty program launched last month. It’s called “Friends of the Seed,” and there are good reasons to sign up now.

I did, and it took less than a minute.

How It Works
Unlike loyalty programs at mainstream grocers, Friends of the Seed does not track points or ask you to carry a special card. Instead, it’s a digital coupon system that introduces you to new products and gives you discounts at checkout even if you weren’t aware of the deal. No clipping coupons. No key chain tag. And your loyalty number is simply your phone number.

“We tried to make it simple, easy and education-focused,” explains Josh Estefan, Mustard Seed’s director of I.T.

“Our buyers work with vendors and brands to get special deals that we offer to our members. They could be crazy, one-day deals or longer term offers.”

Friends of the Seed pays attention to shopper habits then makes offers based on their shopping patterns.

“We fine tune our targeted offers based on what you like and what you might like,” Josh adds. “For example, if you never shop in our meat department, you may get a special discount offer for a vegan hamburger.”

The offers will change regularly, and will include promotions like buy one-get one, exclusive sale items, discounts off entire purchase, sweepstakes, and a digital punch card. And at times, you’ll even receive a free item when you purchase a complementary one. For example, members were recently offered a free bag of potatoes with the purchase of a roast.

I mean, totally free.

And right now, using the digital punch card technology, when you buy five GT’s Kombucha, you get one free. There’s no need to keep track. The system does that for you automatically.

Currently, the program is not applicable to purchases made in the café., too
Also unlike mainstream grocery store loyalty programs, Friends of the Seed offers an extra layer of savings flowing in from

“We’ll regularly send you email and text offers, but you can also use our app to see additional coupons available from,” Josh says.

“Or you can get reminders right when you check out.”

How to Join
Speaking of checkout, you can sign up when you check out at Mustard Seed. It takes less than a minute.

Or you can sign up online by visiting Just click “Savings,” then follow the prompts.

It’s important to note that Mustard Seed does not share your personal data with any third parties. And unlike other programs, you can become a member even if you don’t have a smartphone or an email address. Sign up using your landline and you’ll receive the same benefits at checkout; you just won’t receive offer notifications via email or text.

Mustard Seed’s Golden Standards
Every product in Mustard Seed Market & Café is checked to ensure that it conforms to the company’s nine strict ingredient standards, known as its “Golden Standards,” making sure the food you serve your family is free of harmful ingredients.

The Mustard Seed only offers products that are:

  • Free of artificial flavorings and colorings
  • Free of harmful chemical preservatives
  • Free of saccharin and aspartame
  • Free of high fructose corn syrup
  • Free of partially hydrogenated oils
  • Free of bleached or bromated flour
  • Free from irradiation
  • Hormone/routine antibiotic-free meat
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics

“We live by these ingredient standards,” says Abraham Nabors, who along with his brother Gabe, manages the stores founded by their parents Margaret and Phillip Nabors.

“When you see the term ‘all-natural’ on our shelves, it really means all-natural. And that’s not always the case at other grocery stores because there is no legal definition.”

Mustard Seed carries 30,000-plus products, and they are regularly adding new items like Keto- and Paleo-friendly foods, as well as Hemp Luxe CBD oil.

And now, with the new Friends of the Seed program, more and more shoppers will become aware of these new products—and save money, too.

Mustard Seed Market & Café has three locations: 3885 W. Market Street in Montrose (330-666-7333); 867 W. Market Street in Highland Square in Akron (330-434-7333); and 6025 Kruse Drive in Solon (440-519-3663). For more information, visit