Meet the Artist: Stewart Helberg

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Finding splendor in the ordinary.

By Kelli Comer

If you take the time to change your perception and take a deeper look into the beauty of everyday life, you may find that you will see the splendor in something that is, at first glance, otherwise conventional.

Local artist Stewart Helberg celebrates everyday life through his photography, taking inspiration from the seemingly ordinary world around him.

“I draw my inspiration from living in the moment and enjoying everyday life,” Stewart explains.

“I try to slow down and take in the surroundings, searching not only for the beauty but also the aches and pains of life.”

Stewart’s photography journey began with his favorite person and lifelong companion, his wife of 40 years. Her creative eye for art inspired Stewart to join her on a photography trip called Leaf Peepers—even if it took 23 years of convincing on her part.

“It may have been the anticipation to develop the 80 rolls of film I used, it could have been her passion for the hobby and her ability to teach me some basic skills, or perhaps it was just enjoying the peaceful serene day. Somehow the combination of it all had me hooked,” comments Stewart.

The trip was all it took for Stewart to make this hobby his passion. He spent years going on trips with his wife, traveling to seek their next shot. Photography became ingrained in their lives.

“Just like a lot of great stories unveil, while coasting through the fun, the big climactic moment appeared. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer,” Stewart says.

“It wasn’t just my family, photo club members, my friends or my top-notch oncologist that I credit for my survival. I firmly believe it was also the practice of photography.”

Stewart’s process starts with making an effort. It is not nearly as simple as just going out to take photos.

“I get up early, stay out late, get soaked in the rain and frozen to the core. I seek out my interests and let this crazy hobby consume my free time,” Stewart smiles.

Stewart Helberg

“I fill in my calendar with events that spark an interest and places that I’d like to see. It doesn’t take the most expensive camera and you don’t need to plan an elaborate vacation. Just try to frame an image in your mind. Give thought on what you’re trying to capture and envision how to frame it in your mind. We all have a different perspective.”

To reach Stewart, you can email him at Visit his website at to learn more about the artist and his work, how to find and follow him, and shop online. Locally, you can find his work at Cleveland in a Box, J Pistone Market, Loganberry Bookstore and We Bleed Ohio.

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