Meet the Artist: Mary Gut, Mary Gut Studio

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Local artist Mary Gut turns to Instagram to find the vision for her impressive body of work.

By Kelli Comer

In this day and age, everywhere you look it seems like every person’s focus is on their smartphone.

Luckily for local artist Mary Gut, her smartphone serves a great purpose, since Instagram is the muse where she finds the vision for her impressive body of work.

“I can get inspiration for an abstract painting from a fashion photo or from a client’s decor colors. For my realism, I love working with reflectance in chrome, lip gloss and gemstones,” Mary explains.

As a teenager, Mary began drawing fashion and faces as a hobby. When it came time for college, she decided to pursue and receive her bachelor’s degree in business.

Eventually, Mary returned to education at Virginia Marti College and studied interior design. During her time there, she found inspiration in the abstract paintings of the department head. She developed a high standard for artistry and learned to hand-render images of interiors using markers and pencils.

“It wasn’t until 2015 that I bought my first canvas and paints and tried to create an abstract work for my daughter,” Mary says. “It was not as easy as I’d imagined, but I was hooked right away and found it to be an exciting and joyful experience.”

Mary began selling pieces in early 2017, and started accepting commissions soon after. The subject of her work runs the gamut, from classic cars to pet portraits to florals and fashion.

“My painting, Even the Vegan, won an award recently,” declares Mary. “It is a painting of a dozen beautiful doughnuts made by the Vegan Doughnut Company in Cleveland.”

Mary also teaches a class called Mindfulness through Painting, which takes the participant through a brief meditation to a state in which they can focus on the fun of intuitive painting.

“I am not a therapist, but I do know that you will maximize your fun and love of the experience if you can redirect your focus away from stress and to the present to really experience the paint and color,” Mary smiles.

“By the middle of the session, it is not uncommon for the class to be singing along with the playlist.”

To reach Mary, you can email her at She is self-represented and accepts commissions on an as-available basis. You can inquire about her availability by contacting her directly via email. Visit Mary’s website at to learn more about the artist and her special events. Find her on Facebook at Mary Gut Studio for flash sales and on Instagram @marygutstudio.

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