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Your garage has a second act

Empty nesters, your garage as a custodian of clutter, the keeper of long-outgrown Little League gear and toys, old furniture and appliances, and who knows what else has more than served its purpose over the years. Now that the kids are out of the house, it’s time to reclaim your space. While it may seem daunting as you enter the next...

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Here’s why Dog Gone Crazy is a top choice among pet parents returning to work or vacationing

Tucked back amidst more than 6 acres of meadows skirted by woods, Dog Gone Crazy is a home away from home for your four-legged besties to romp, run and explore. The canine and feline boarding, day care and grooming destination is the perfect combo of facilities, amenities and caring staff. Owner Sandra Jenkins and her team treat your pets like...

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Spring is on its way, and now is the time to schedule a professional power wash to rid your home of mold, mildew and winter grime

The official start of spring is just 30 days away, and that means it’s time to schedule seasonal home improvement projects, including ridding your home’s exterior of mold, mildew and relentless winter grime. Nothing comes close to creating dramatic curb appeal like freshly cleaned vinyl siding and pristine driveways, patios, walkways,...

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Blue Heron Event Center hosts some of the most sensational events in the area

The music may come from the cloud via an iPhone app, or swooned live by Johnny Fontane. But the real assessment of a wedding reception usually tends to begin with the food. That’s one test that puts the Blue Heron Event Center at the top of the class, insists Ben Erjavec, executive chef and co-owner of the Medina establishment. “Our...

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Correy Petz’s EverGreen Turf Solutions specializes exclusively in Northeast Ohio lawns

When it comes to lawn care companies, there is a big difference between national companies and local ones. TruGreenTM*, for example, is a large, national firm with 2.3 million customers. The company’s CEO has an MBA from Harvard and previously worked for Campbell Soup and Kraft Foods. Evergreen Turf Solutions, on the other hand, is a small,...

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