Mapledale Farm touches every part of the community from supplying homeowners and businesses with top-quality landscape materials to donating supplies for local events

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As a longstanding member of the community, owner Dave Johnson knows that Mapledale Farm would not have survived without its reputation for offering the highest quality products, its knowledgeable staff members and the valuable relationships Dave has built along the way. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Maintaining a successful family business for nearly 150 years doesn’t happen without honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and a commitment to the community. Dave Johnson, owner of Mapledale Farm, a landscaping supply company based in Chardon, is devoted to continuing his family’s legacy of providing quality products and services along with giving back to the community whenever possible.

“I’ve been running Mapledale since 1982 and have many of the same relationships today that I started then,” says Dave. “We have maintained them over the years, with a continued commitment to the highest standards in every area of business all while helping our clients succeed and grow.”

Mapledale Farm, a landscape supply company based in Chardon, has been in business for nearly 150 years.

Dave feels that encouraging people to buy and sell locally is more important now than ever before. This is a community where businesses work together for the growth of all, sometimes in ways they never knew possible.

“Mapledale is hosting and participating in a Chardon Chamber event this spring in order to help different groups find ways to work together and grow their respective businesses,” says Dave. “And for The Spear Chardon Tractor Maple Celebration, taking place Thursday, April 29, through Saturday, May 1, Mapledale is donating our maple syrup to be used in all of the recipes on the food truck menus. It’s fun for us and just one more way to give back to this community.”

The Chardon Chamber Business After-Hours event is on Thursday, May 6. It will take place at Mapledale Farm.

“This event will bring together chamber members and potential members with farm bureau members in a fun, casual, and non-competitive atmosphere,” says Dave. “We develop new relationships and come up with some creative ways to help each other. It’s mutually beneficial and we all have a lot of fun.”

As a longstanding member of the community, Dave also knows that Mapledale would not have survived without its reputation for offering the highest quality products, its knowledgeable staff members and the valuable relationships Dave has built along the way.

“Throughout Mapledale’s history, our products and services have touched almost every area of this county and beyond,” says Dave.

Mapledale Farm offers a full line of bulk materials to satisfy all of their commercial and residential client’s needs.

Mapledale’s bulk materials include mulch, compost, gravel, sand, stone, pavers, topsoil and anything having to do with landscape, drainage, etc. work. The quality of these products is unmatched, which, as Dave says, makes everyone look good.

And this year, Dave is focusing more than ever on Mapledale’s line of poly furniture, which, he promises, can be the last outdoor furniture you’ll ever buy. There are cheap imitations out there, so buyer beware.

Mapledale Farm’s poly outdoor furniture is heavyweight, fade-, crack- and rot-resistant.

“Poly furniture is the highest quality line of maintenance-free polyethylene furniture,” says Dave. “It’s heavyweight, fade-, crack- and rot-resistant. Leave it out in the elements and it remains like the day you bought it. We have lots of designs in stock and ready for your outdoor living season.”

And speaking of your outdoor spaces, Mapledale, of course, has you covered for fertilizer, mulch and everything related to lawn and garden care.

“Our customers rely on the consistent high quality of our products and our community presence,” says Dave. “Whether it’s landscaping projects or opportunities to get involved in the community, Mapledale is committed to working together. When one of us succeeds, we all benefit.”

Mapledale Farm is located at 9763 Old State Rd. in Chardon. Call 440-286-3389 or check the website, For information on the poly furniture line, check and find help with landscape and gardening needs at

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