Linda is looking as good as she feels with the help of Dr. Paul Vanek

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Linda wanted to look as good as she felt, but her face and neck didn’t match the fitness of her body. Dr. Paul Vanek, of Vanek Plastic Surgery, performed a face and neck lift, and addressed the bags under her eyes. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

We all enjoy the “uplifting” feeling we experience when we’re with those we love during the holidays, or when we have the promise of a new and better year ahead. But, sadly, such awesome feelings usually dissipate into reality.

What if we could actually make some changes that would uplift our body and our minds at the same time? And, what if these changes could last for years—or even longer?

“My husband and I always worked out and took good care of our bodies,” says Linda. “In 2009, we decided it was time to pay attention to our faces. We were interested in modified facelifts, neck lifts and addressing undereye bags and sagging. After hearing such great things about Dr. Paul Vanek, we made an appointment and never looked back.”

That was 10 years ago, and although her husband has since passed away, Linda and Dr. Vanek continue their trusting relationship that has grown over the past decade.

“From the first time we met Dr. Vanek, my husband and I liked him right away,” says Linda. “He was so outgoing and friendly, and he wanted to get to know us. We found out we had a lot in common and felt very comfortable with him and his entire staff.”

For Dr. Vanek and his staff at Vanek Plastic Surgery, patients are much more than just appointments and procedures. Just like Linda, patients very often become lasting friends.

“Understanding my patients’ goals and expectations is extremely important,” says Dr. Vanek.

“I’m an outgoing people person by nature, so I love getting to know them. Understanding their lifestyle helps me to help them attain their goals. When we develop a meaningful relationship, we can discuss what is truly important to them, and I can empower them to walk down a path that they have not previously felt confident to pursue.

As a double board-certified general and plastic surgeon, a bio-chemist, a researcher for the FDA and NIH and an expert in physiology, Dr. Vanek is more than a “people person.” He knows how the human body responds to surgical procedures and he knows how to manipulate its structures to produce aesthetically pleasing results for his patients.

“We were always very health conscious,” says Linda.

“That’s one of the reasons we chose Dr. Vanek. He understood how best to combat the effects of aging for our body types and lifestyle. He explained each procedure in detail and took great care and time to consider our questions or concerns. We felt prepared going into surgery and had great results.”

Linda and her husband had discovered one of life’s great cruelties. Despite working out and taking care of their bodies, their faces and necks still showed age. But this was nothing Dr. Vanek couldn’t fix.

“A neck lift can combat aging and may even be more necessary after significant weight loss,” says Dr. Vanek. “A neck lift restores the neck’s youthful architecture.”

While facial plastic surgery for men is essentially the same as the procedure for a woman’s facial rejuvenation, Dr. Vanek varies his methods specifically for male patients. The procedure may involve removal or alteration of the platysma muscle that men activate when they shave their necks. As men age, they can get a “turkey gobbler” in this area that creates a jowly appearance.

“For men, I take care not to disturb facial hair growth patterns,” says Dr. Vanek. “When we re-drape the facial skin in front of the ear, we remove hair follicles and perform laser hair removal to maintain a natural-looking hairline.”

Along with Linda’s neck lift, she also had a modified facelift, browlift and eyelid surgery.

“I liked that Dr. Vanek didn’t try to talk me into anything,” says Linda.

“He educated me on all of the risks and benefits, and over the last few years I’ve been back for many facial treatments, skin peels and other procedures. There are always new treatments on the horizon, and Dr. Vanek and his staff are trained in the latest treatments and techniques, and have the newest skincare products.”

Dr. Vanek and his staff give every patient individual attention, and they work together to develop a custom plan. He carefully conveys his expertise to his patients in understandable terms and without overwhelming them. His over two decades in private practice have proven that making his patients comfortable, confident and knowledgeable before their surgery actually helps with their recovery and ensures better outcomes.

“Every patient needs to be carefully examined and we consider factors like their anatomy, facial structure, lifestyle and overall health before an individual treatment plan is prepared,” says Dr. Vanek.

“We discuss possible outcomes and create realistic expectations. With modern techniques and procedures, shorter recovery times and less pain than ever before, you can look and feel like a better, more beautiful you in no time.”

Paul Vanek MD, FACS is located at 9485 Mentor Avenue, Suite 100, in Mentor. For more information, visit and Schedule your consultation by calling 440-205-5750.