Learn how you can get in on the ground floor of the SpencerFi internet revolution

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By Sean O’Brien, Founder of Proper Access

When Netflix was a DVD rental service, the company approached then-giant Blockbuster asking if the leader in the industry wanted to buy the failing newcomer. After a meeting with Blockbuster’s CEO, who said, “I can’t wait for this company [Netflix] to die.” Netflix was laughed out of the room. That rub bathed the folks at Netflix in fresh determination to succeed. And succeed they did.

Today, Blockbuster is gone, and Netflix, is, well, one of America’s greatest success stories. Why did Blockbuster fail and Netflix succeed? Vision. Blockbuster failed to have a vision of what the future would hold. And Netflix understood that DVDs were going to quickly become a thing of the past and that streaming would be the future of at-home movie watching.

Sean O’Brien, Proper Access founder

Internet is kind of the same thing.

Spectrum and AT&T have a hold on the delivery of internet services. But we at Proper Access know there is a better way.

We’ve developed a super-fast, hack-proof Wi-Fi option called SpencerFi. Spencer Fi is a totally wireless, cable-free gateway to the internet. It’s currently available in some areas and waiting to launch in others. When it’s launched at full capacity, we’re confident it’s going to be huge.

We are currently raising funding to initiate SpencerFi, our premium internet connectivity product. There are still open seats for the right investor, angel network, or venture capitalist, and no dollar amount will be turned away.

To learn more about how you can get in on the ground floor of the SpencerFi internet revolution, text “Investor” to our Site Specialist Matt, at 330-618-7756, or email him at Matt@ProperAccess.com. You can also ask about getting connected to the internet of the future.

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