Just beyond your back door, an undiscovered paradise awaits

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Because Peters Professional Landscaping works within homeowners’ budgets, the team can install part of your project this year and spread the remaining installation over the course of the next few years.

By Patricia Nugent

With a surge in gardening and al fresco entertaining and dining, homeowners are discovering that anything you do indoors is more enjoyable when done outdoors.

“Our projects keep getting bigger in scope, with more bells and whistles,” says Chris Peters, founder of Peters Professional Landscaping. “People appreciate that outdoor areas can add real value to their homes. And they want to celebrate and recreate in their own personally designed spaces.”

Over the past 30 years, Chris and his trusty team have evolved to offer all the hardscapes and softscapes a homeowner would need to put their outdoor haven in place, from patios, pergolas and pavilions to outdoor kitchens, grills and bars; fire features and water features; outdoor lighting and heating; landscaping design and maintenance.

Chris explains that when they sit down with folks, they ask a lot of questions to help put together a design that is truly reflective of the homeowner’s tastes, lifestyle and budget.

Your own back yard is a blank slate just waiting for the Peters Professional Landscaping team to turn it into the hidden, resort-like hideaway your family has been dreaming of.

Once your dream yard is in place, they also offer full maintenance services to keep it looking pristine and well-manicured. Why not sit back and leave the work to someone else?

Still Prime Time for Mulch
Chris is always looking ahead to emerging technologies so his operations can run smoother, faster and more effectively.

Several years ago, he was the first to bring to the area the Mulch Mule, a breakthrough vehicle designed to dispense mulch at a quicker rate.

This year, they’ve invested in a new, more sophisticated blowing unit that interfaces with the Mule.

“This upgrade can dispense 12 yards of mulch, overseen by a two-person crew, in a surprisingly short amount of time,” says Chris. “The final effect is evenly spread and beautiful.”

Even though most people mulch in the spring, he says they are doing jobs all summer long.

“Mulch serves the purpose of great looks, providing a pristine backdrop for your landscaping, as well as releasing nutrients into your soil and keeping weeds from creeping into the beds,” he says.

Ohio Grown, Ohio Proud
If you’re looking to save a couple bucks, you can always find flowers and plant materials in the outdoor racks at big box stores. But this is one of those cases where your mom was right: You get what you pay for.

Chris is proud that 95% of the plant materials they offer are locally grown in Ohio.

“In addition to supporting growers in our region, I hope people realize there’s a big difference between what they buy at a big box store and the materials we work with,” he says. “Most of that stock is brought up from Tennessee or the Carolinas, so it’s not accustomed to our climate. Those trees or shrubs have a survival rate of 45-55% compared to a tree that’s grown in Ohio, which has a 90% survival rate. We only work with premium materials grown to thrive year after year.”

The Next Big Thing
Every so often there comes along a new must-have feature to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level.

Several years ago, people were building tiki bars. Then there were pizza ovens. Now it’s outdoor movie theaters.

Chris reports that they just installed a 120-inch inflatable projection screen in a homeowner’s backyard pavilion.

Chris reports that they just installed a 120-inch inflatable projection screen in a homeowner’s backyard pavilion.

“It’s the perfect hideaway amenity. When it’s deflated and not in use, you don’t see it,” he says. “We placed the projector opposite of it where it’s undetected, nestled within the landscaping. Once the homeowner’s grandkids and their friends see it, I have a feeling other people are going to want one as well. And there’s no better way to catch Guardians games and, before you know it, Browns games, than in your own backyard with family and friends.”

The screens and projectors are surprisingly affordable (and just think of what you’ll save in popcorn).

Chris and his creative team are adept at helping you plan the best spot to feature a screen for prime viewing.

Working Within Your Budget
“We realize that with inflation, people are tightening their budgets,” says Chris. “And that’s fine with us. We don’t mind working with folks to put projects in place that can span several years. The first year we can either lay a patio or create a ‘green screen’ of privacy by adding perimeter evergreens. Then the next year we add the firepit or fireplace, arbor, pergolas, etc.”

As of now, he reports they are scheduling fall landscape jobs and new lawn installations, which are best done in September and October.

The bottom line? There’s nothing stopping you from creating the paradise beckoning beyond your back door.

Based in Medina, Peters Professional Landscaping is located at 7080 Wooster Pike. Peters also offers spring yard clean-up, weekly maintenance work and mowing. They serve homes, businesses and HOAs throughout Northeast Ohio and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information, call 330-722-8884 or visit PetersLandscapingOhio.com.