If your expanse of green isn’t where you want it to be, it might be time to give ASE Outdoor Solutions a call

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AFTER: If you’ve looked at your yard all summer long and thought you should do more to beautify it, now’s the perfect time to give the trusty crews at ASE Outdoor Solutions a call

By Patricia Nugent

Many factors make September is one of the best months of the year to install a new lawn or landscaping: cooling nighttime temperatures, still-warm soil, increased rain, and dew at night that waters new seed or nursery stock.

If you’ve looked at your yard all summer long and thought you should do more to beautify it, now’s the perfect time to give the trusty crews at ASE Outdoor Solutions a call.

Founded 11 years ago by Tyler Hewit, the company has earned a reputation for living up to its initials (A Superior Edge).

Lush, Thick, Glossy Lawns
A beautiful lawn of emerald green grass is the perfect canvas backdrop for any beautiful home and landscaping, the envy of all in your neighborhood.

“After mid-August through October is really the sweet spot for laying bluegrass/fescue mix of grass seed and hydroseed for a beautiful lawn that will thrive for years to come,” says Tyler, who offers a unique perspective as an owner/operator. “We do work for homeowners who are unhappy with their current lawn, maybe it has bald spots or is full of crab grass, as well as new homes and new construction.”


Crab grass is tricky, he reports. It’s invasive and if you don’t kill it completely by July, it’s already seeded itself for the next year.

“The quality of our seed is commercial grade and finer than you’ll find at big box stores,” he says. “First we prepare the soil, then professionally spread the seed for even coverage and pristine grass to grow.”


Orchestrating Unique Landscaping
“Landscape design is a favorite part of my job,” says Tyler. “I sit down with homeowners to get a feel for their individual style. Most folks are looking for low to no maintenance, but some are looking for a ‘wow’ factor while others want something a little less-is-more.”

Using top-quality stock grown in Ohio, he excels at orchestrating a variety of shapes, heights and colors that will bloom spring, summer and fall.

“We balance the plant stock color scheme to balance and contrast with the home’s color scheme,” he says. “And we always set a realistic budget that feels best for the client.”

When laying mulch for new beds, he says they often use a technique of mixing river rock near the house to avoid it getting sprayed with mulch when it storms. This also lends a sophisticated look.

Leaves Will Soon Fall
The peak drop will occur the first or second week of October this year, he reports.

Tyler and his crews have all the major equipment to handle weekly leaf removal from your yard.

“We can literally accomplish in a few minutes with our machinery what would take hours of back-breaking raking,” he says. “Why waste a beautiful fall day when you can simply give us a call and it’s done?”

And, of course, after the leaves, before you know it there’ll be white stuff falling. ASE Outdoor Solutions also does snow plowing for businesses.

Whatever the season or the reason, homeowners can depend on seeing Tyler on the job, every job.

“People see me out in their yards, getting muddy and doing the work,” he says, noting that he only hires and trains crew members who work as hard as he does.

“At the end of the day, we’re not happy until the customer is 100 percent happy,” he says. “It’s our personal guarantee.”

Headquartered in Valley City, ASE Outdoor Solutions beautifies lawns all over Medina, Wayne, Ashland, Cuyahoga, Stark and Summit Counties. Call 330-203-1431 or visit ASEOutdoors.com to schedule your free consultation.

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