Here’s why how you sell your home matters most

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Howard Hanna real estate agent Amy Hoes specializes in the Medina County market. She provides full support to homeowners with properties that range from $80,000 to $800,000. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

When the weather turns cooler, people who are on the fence about whether to put their home on the market often table the decision until the market picks up again in the spring.

This year, however, is different. Howard Hanna real estate agent Amy Hoes says the conventional wisdom of waiting is dead wrong.

Navigating a Tricky Market
“Over the years I’ve been selling homes, the market has had its ups and downs,” she says. “Right now is actually the trickiest market I’ve ever seen. The competition for the few homes on the market is getting outlandish. Since more and more people are working remotely, they are flocking to Medina, a place known for getting a lot of house for your dollar. Low taxes and excellent schools also make us attractive. We’re seeing buyers relocating here from the east and west coasts. We’re also encountering more cash buyers, which is driving prices up even further.”

The time to sell is now, and people need a seasoned professional representing them.

“I’ve got lots of tools in my arsenal to get buyers’ bids accepted and sellers to position their home in its best light for a fast and favorable sale,” she says.

The Amy Hoes Treatment
“Even though I deal with lots of luxury properties throughout Medina County, I want people to understand that I treat the client who is selling an $80,000 home the same as I do as someone who is selling an $800,000 home,” Amy assures.

What does the “Amy Hoes treatment” mean? Attentiveness. She is a fierce advocate for her clients, a bulldog who will battle through negotiations to make sure her people get the most favorable outcome.

The proof is in the contracts. Over her 14 years as an agent, on average Amy has consistently sold homes in less time and for more money than other real estate agents in Medina.

She takes pride in going all out with technology and marketing efforts. Along with her husband, Kurt, she was among the first to work with 3-D tours and FAA-authorized drone photography. They are also wizards at social media marketing to put a home in front of more qualified buyers than other agents.

What’s it Worth?
If you’re looking for a ballpark of how much your home is worth, there’s an automated home value calculator link on Amy’s site.

“But if you really want to know best price for your home, nothing compares to me actually walking through,” she says. “The art of pricing a home for fast and profitable sale depends on more than just square footage and acreage and what the other homes on your street sold for.”

Though she works long hours, Amy is not one of those Realtors you see out schmoozing at openings and cocktail parties. Family comes first for her, plus her success speaks for itself.

Amy and Kurt are pleased and proud to have their oldest child, Atalie, join their work to help shoot and edit the 3D tours over the summers and when on school breaks. She’s a student at Bowling Green State University. Son Bryan is a student at Medina High School.

The family has always been active in the Medina community, acting as charitable supporters of Medina’s schools and sports teams.

Howard Hanna Amy Hoes’ office is located at 3565 Medina Road, in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wonder how much your home is worth? Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to give you a free market analysis.